2 Easy DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

Do your makeup brushes get smooshed or lost? Are you tired of your eye and lip liners rolling away? These simply DIY Makeup Organizer Projects are exactly what you need. diy beauty organizersIf there’s one thing that drives me absolutely batty, it’s clutter. I enjoy having things organized, so I know where they are and don’t have to hunt for them. Time is precious so I don’t want to waste it looking for things.

You know how that is, right?

diy makeup organizer

Well, I was starting to feel a little unhinged about my makeup brushes. They were everywhere and somehow always managed to get smooshed. My eye and lip liners are more hindrances to my semi-organized life. The roll away, get mixed in with other things and disappear just when I need them most. I want to keep my sanity so I decided to make some DIY makeup organizers to get my DIY vanity in check.

DIY Makeup Brush Organizer

diy makeup brush holder

The first thing I did was take an empty container of Temptations Classic Treats for Cats and cut the top off with an X-ACTO knife.

I used 2 green floral foam cubes to fill the container, laying one horizontal and standing the other vertically. I got lucky and they fit perfectly, but if not I could have trimmed them to fit.

I carefully pressed my brushes in, one at a time, so they made a hole.

diy makeup brush holder

I painted the container and wrapped it with ribbon, adding a few embellishments for some extra pizzaz.

DIY Makeup Organizer

diy eye and lip pencil holder

To organize my eye and lip liners, and mascara, I used an old plastic Q-tip container. I just painted it, wrapped a ribbon around it, and glued a few embellishments to it.

diy eye and lip pencil holder

This is so handy for stopping pencils from rolling away and keeping everything where it should be. You’ll never lose your nail polish again!

Both of these DIY beauty tool projects were simple and quick making them something you can do whenever you have a few minutes to spare. I had an instant feeling of relief once they were done and am already trying to think of what I can organize next!

How do you keep your beauty tools in check?

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