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How To Make A Halloween Wreath – Dollar Tree Craft

halloween wreath dollar tree craftThis is a sponsored post on behalf of Dollar Tree. Affiliate links are included in this post, I’ll be compensated if someone clicks on an affiliate link and makes a purchase.

With Halloween creeping up I thought it was time to start some DIY Halloween crafts. Since Halloween is my absolute favorite holiday I have to make it awesome each and every year. This year I’m starting by shopping at Dollar Tree for most of my crafting supplies. It’s a great way to save tons of money and since they have a huge selection I always find great stuff.

dollar treehalloween wreath dollar tree craft

I picked up a few styrofoam floral rings, some Halloween garland, spider webbing, a Jack o’ Lantern and a pair of bone hand tongs. The garland was 9 feet long so I was able to cover the majority of the ring with it. The exposed areas of green were getting covered with the Jack o’ Lantern, so I didn’t bother with trying to do the whole thing. I used hot glue to secure the garland to the ring, just so it stayed in place and covered what I wanted it to.

halloween wreath dollar tree craft

To get the tongs to stay on the wreath I stuck the thumbs into the front of the wreath and the ulnas went to the back. I wrapped some spider webbing around the tops of the bones to keep them together, then made a loop hanger with the webbing slack.

I also stretched some of the spider webbing around the backside of the wreath, weaving it around the hands, just to give it a little oomph. The spider webbing came with 4 spider rings, so I put one of those on the hand.

halloween wreath dollar tree craft

I used the hot glue to attach the Jack o’ Lantern on the exposed floral ring and let it dry. I love how perfect it is for Halloween and I’m tempted to leave it up even though it’s a little early yet for Halloween decorations. As soon as October 1st comes, though, it’s going back on the door! For now, I have my DIY Fall Wreath hanging up, which is another Dollar Tree craft!

diy halloween wreath

Everything I used in this project came from Dollar Tree, so be sure to head to your nearest store to recreate this DIY Halloween project. You can also shop online at DollarTree.com. After 9/26/2017, Halloween items will be removed from the Dollartree.com and will only be available in stores.

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