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Dollar Tree Fall Wreath Ideas And Craft

dollar tree fall wreath ideas and craftI’m kind of crazy about fall. It’s such an amazing season and if you haven’t taken the time to appreciate the beauty then you must. The air is crisp and the colors are warm; you can feel the pull of a pile of leaves begging you to jump in. Pumpkins come into their own and the smells of nutmeg and cinnamon dance through the air. Everything about autumn makes me want to celebrate and most importantly, decorate.

One of the most versatile pieces of home decor is the wreath. Wreaths are appropriate for all seasons and holidays, and they are incredibly easy to make. My favorite place to get supplies for seasonal wreaths is Dollar Tree. They have an incredible selection of seasonal and everyday products and everything is $1 (or less). Dollar Tree crafts have been such a wonderful outlet for me to de-stress and let my creativity flow.  I went shopping there yesterday and picked up everything I needed to make this easy DIY fall wreath.

dollar tree fall wreath ideas and craft

It starts with a styrofoam ring which gives the wreath its shape and stability. I also picked up 2 strings of fall leaves garland, fall ribbon, a 2 pack of raffia, a spool of ribbon, and a few adornment pieces.

I used the raffia and a hot glue gun to cover the green styrofoam. I love how much this raffia resembled corn husks, it adds to the fall feeling of the wreath.

dollar tree fall wreath ideas and craft dollar tree fall wreath ideas and craft

Once it was mummified it was time to add some color. I took the leaves off of the garland vine, snipping away the longer ends, and hot glued them around the wreath. I bought 2 different styles of leaf garland, one plain and the other more elegant. I used the plain leaves to do the bottom layer and hot glued the prettier leaves on top.

dollar tree fall wreath ideas and craft dollar tree fall wreath ideas and craftdollar tree fall wreath ideas and craftI could have stopped there, but I wanted more!! I cut off some berries and hot glued them in random places around the wreath. I kept them clustered because I’m not all that patient and I thought they looked better that way. You can add them individually or leave them out altogether.

diy fall wreath dollar tree craftI made a bow with the ribbon and centered the corn cob on it and secured it with hot glue. I put the ribbon on the top of the wreath and used a piece of raffia as the hanger.

As you can see, this wreath was easy to put together and I absolutely love how it turned out. It’s yet another way for me to show my adoration for this beautiful season.

diy fall wreath dollar tree craft

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