Smart Ways To Keep Your Home Cooler This Summer

Everyone loves the summer, when the sun shines bright as we can spend more time out of doors, right? Well yes and no, as while it can be fun, the summer also means dealing with warmer weather and warmer living conditions. If you don’t keep an eye on things, your home can get so hot that it becomes an uncomfortable place to live. Luckily, you can find all the most effective ways of keeping your home cooler in the summer in the post below. Read on to find out what they are. 

smart ways to keep your home cooler this summer
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Use reflective window film 

One way to keep your home cooler this summer than ever before is to install reflective film on your windows. Reflective films will repel the sun’s rays, and prevent them from heating the air inside of your home. The great thing about sun reflective film is that it’s easy to install, and it will save you money in the winter as well as the summer when it helps to keep the warm air in. 

Install an AC 

Another smart way to keep your home cool this summer is to use an AC unit. There are several AC unit options to consider as well, with many people opting for a portable unit. The reason is that they do not require full installation by a professional, and instead can be brought out just for the summer months, and moved around the home as needed. 

Another option is the traditional condenser AC unit, which requires being hooked up to a duct and can keep you deliciously chilly even in the hottest of weather. However, not every home can accommodate this type of unit, for example, older properties that have protected status, or rental properties where residents do not have permission to make major structural changes. 

The good news is that in such cases, there are alternative options like water cooled air conditioning to consider. Indeed, water-cooled air conditioners are very economical with energy, are compact and can be fitted anywhere where there is a water supply and water waste disposal which makes them the ideal AC in many situations. 

Invest in a pool 

OK, so a pool won’t specifically make your home cooler, but it can be used effectively for cooling down the people living in your home, making spending time on your property much more comfortable. 

Many people are put off by the idea of installing a swimming pool because of the costs involved, but there is a range of options to suit all budgets to consider. For example, if you do not have the money or space to install an inground pool, you may wish to choose an above-ground option instead. These come with frames and vinyl siding strong enough to hold gallons of water, and you can get them in pretty large and deep sizes too, so they are big enough to properly submerge in and swim. 

Plant trees around your home 

Another smart way to keep your home cooler in the hotter months is to think ahead with your garden planting. To do this you will need to consider which part of your home gets the most sun, and then plant shrubs and trees in a position that will help shade and block this. 

Of course, you’ll have to wait a few years until you reap the benefits of this tactic, even if you choose fast-growing trees. Although it can be well worth it for the additional shade and cooling effect it provides over the long term. 

Though the payback on this may take a few seasons, planting shade trees and foliage around your home can help stop heat from seeping in through the windows and roof. And the result is pretty, too!

Let the cool air in at night 

While it’s best to keep your windows closed during the day, to prevent warm air from entering your property, the reverse is true when it comes to the evening. This is because even in the hottest locations in the world, the temperature tends to drop at least a few degrees when the sun is not shining at night. 

All you need to do to take advantage of this is to open your windows at night to let the cooler air in to cool your home. Although, it’s always a good idea to carefully consider security when doing this. For example, you may wish to install security screens or bars on the windows of the ground floors to ensure the safety and security of your property during the night

Ditch cooking in the kitchen and go alfresco! 

There’s a reason why people in hot countries love grilling outside, and it’s not just because it produces great-tasting food. It’s also because by doing your cooking alfresco you will help keep the inside of your home as cool as possible. After all, having your oven running full blast is never a good idea when it’s an already hot day. 

The great thing about BBQing is that you’re not just limited to grilled meats and vegetables anymore. Now you can cook all sorts of delicious meals from whole roast chicken to authentic pizzas all from your grill. 

Install ceiling fans

You can also help to keep the interior of your home feel cooler this summer by installing ceiling fans. These tend to be a combination of a fan and light fitting, which are installed in a room where the central light would go. Ceiling fans often have cords to enable them to turn on, although some can be connected to your smart home setup and be switched on via an app now too. 

Now, it is worth noting that hot air rises so to get the best from your fan you will need to run it anti-clockwise. This will make sure it pulls the cool air up through the room to the ceiling which will provide you with the most effective cooling effect. 

Keep your blinds or curtains closed throughout the day 

The thought of keeping your curtains or blinds closed on a bright and sunny day may sound a little depressing. However, it’s a very effective way to lower the temperature of your home. This is because bright sunlight and heat will be reflected away from the interior of your home by your window treatments, ensuring that the air temperature inside stays as cool as possible. 

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