DIY Plant Pot : A Patriotic Flag for Freedom Craft

The 4th of July is a day to celebrate our freedom and remember those who fought and died to give us that freedom. This year I’m planting flags in remembrance of that freedom. I thought I would share this easy yet meaningful craft to encourage others to plant their own flags for freedom.

plant a flag for freedom

You’ll need:

  • Printable flag file
  • 4 wooden dowels (use twigs for a more rustic look)
  • 4 small terracotta planters
  • Newspaper or potting soil
  • Acrylic paint
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Adhesive

plant a flag for freedom


Print the sheet of flags and cut along the lines, making sure there’s no white left. Fold the flags in the middle and coat the back with adhesive.

*There are 2 mirror-imaged flags per line, do not cut these in half! Cut horizontally, not vertically.

Wrap the flag around the dowel and press firmly to secure them.

Decorate the planters however you’d like. I painted mine with white acrylic paint and played around with embellishments.

Fill with soil and plant seeds, water, and watch your plant grow.

Alternatively, you may spray paint crumpled newspaper green and use that as artificial grass.

plant a flag for freedom

Feel free to use creative freedom to truly make these patriotic planters yours. Plant something different in each pot, play with colors, and share them with your friends. These would be perfect for sending home with guests after your 4th of July celebrations.

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