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DIY Dollar Store Fall Decor Ideas

My grandmother always took pride in decorating for the season. Now that she’s gone, I feel obligated to keep up with tradition. I’ve always loved decorating but having taken on more expenses means a tighter budget. Thankfully I have a pretty well-stocked craft space and was able to easily make 3 different fall decor pieces on the cheap.

DIY Dollar Tree Fall Owl

diy dollar tree fall decor-117

The first fall craft I’m sharing today is also the cheapest. I’d guestimate the overall cost at $5.50 with the price of a hot glue stick. I used

  • two packs of maple leaves (50 leaves in each pack)
  • a felt owl cutout
  • one daisy bloom spray
  • one Aleene’s Tacky Glue

How to make it:

Separate the maple leaves by color. Pull the daisies from the plastic stems and trim the ends so the flower lays as flush as possible on the felt owl.

I started my first owl at the top and quickly realized it's best to start from the bottom. This way you have the layered/feathered look. 

Starting at the feet, glue leaves of the same color horizontally. Aleene’s Tacky Glue is great for this as it dries clear and you won’t worry about hot glue melting the leaves or fabric. Be sure to leave a little overhang. Move up to the next row, using a different color. Keep alternating rows of colors until you reach the top. Stick to the middle of the owl to avoid covering the wings yet. Use one leaf on the tips of each ear so that the leaves are facing up and out.

dollar tree felt owl 2.0

Go back and glue leaves onto the wings. I chose to use the same color for both wings. I wove some gold foil-looking leaves into my owl’s wings. I also added the leaves vertically instead of horizontally to add contrast.

Use hot glue to add the daisy eyes and set the owl aside to dry.

DIY Chalk Paint & Stenciled Pumpkins

With so much orange, yellow, and red this season, I was desperate for some neutral decor. It wasn’t long before I decided to paint my Dollar Tree carvable foam pumpkins and use stencils to paint on words. I used white acrylic paint from Dollar Tree as the base coat. Followed up with Waverly chalk paint. Then, used ivory for the pumpkin and celery for the stem. I bought each of these colors from Walmart for less than $2 each.

diy dollar tree fall decor chalk paint pumpkins

I decided to use my Cricut to make a stencil for my words (click here for that file). The transfer tape caused some of my paint to peel on the pumpkins but I thankfully like how it looks. If you want a cleaner/less distressed look for your pumpkins then I suggest using a coat or two of sealer before stenciling on your pumpkins.

stenciling and painting dollar tree carveable pumpkins

I used a Dollar Tree foam brush to dab on the black chalk paint a little at a time. After the paint was fully dry I slowly pulled off the stencil. I like the weathered look I got without sealing the paint on my pumpkins, but I’ll be trying it again with sealant too. They also looked great before the stenciling, so there are a bunch of different ways to use these cool DIY chalk paint pumpkins.

Dollar Tree Centerpiece from Mini Crates

fall mantle dollar tree

Of course, I was so excited when I saw these crates in Dollar Tree that I bought an entire case. I wasn’t sure what to do with them but knew I had to have them. Three of them made this cute fall centerpiece.

For this project, I used

  • three mini wood crates
  • three feet of ribbon
  • four random fall floral bunches
  • one 2-pack of scarecrows
  • one hay bale
  • one faux cotton pod

I used Waverly chalk paint in celery to paint the crates. Once the paint was dry I hot glued the crates together, pressing for about a minute to make sure they were good and stuck. I wrapped the ribbon around, securing every few inches with hot glue. Because I’m no good at making bows I decided to use a cotton pod instead.

dollar tree wooden crate fall centerpiece

Using random things I already had to decorate the crates, I stuck the two scarecrow picks into the hay bale for the center crate. I filled the outer crates with floral sprays I had, some with flowers and some with leaves and berries.

Here are more great Dollar Store Fall Projects to inspire you. What’s your favorite way to decorate for fall?

dollar store fall projects inspiration

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diy dollar store fall decor ideas

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