Easy Summer Paint Crafts Your Kids Will Love

easy summer paint crafts your kids will love
Easy Summer Paint Crafts Your Kids Will Love

We only get 18 summers home with our kids, which makes this time precious. However, just because we know this time is precious doesn’t mean we know how to fill it. Kids are balls of energy all summer, thanks to the warm weather and long days. Keeping them entertained can feel like a daunting challenge.

Crafting is a great way to encourage your child’s creativity and keep them entertained all summer long. Try these easy summer paint crafts that you won’t mind setting up and that your kids will love.

Paint Outside With Pool Noodles

Few household items remind us of summer like pool noodles. You can try this fun craft when you want to use the noodles outside of the pool. Spread paper out on a deck, patio, or just the grass of your backyard. Weigh the corners down with rocks or other heavy items so a summer breeze doesn’t blow them away. Pour paint onto paper plates or a similarly wide, flat surface.

Each child will pick up a pool noodle. They should have an end in each hand. Direct them to press these ends into the paint and then press the painted ends onto the paper. They’ll create perfect circles over and over with this fun giant paint sponge.

Paint and Glue Seashells

If you just returned from a summer vacation to the beach, you can use the seashells you gathered in a fun craft. First, make your own glittery paint to give a sandy effect. You can use mica powder in crafts projects like this by simply adding mica powder to your paint. Mica powder contains color, so you can mix it into white or clear paint. It will also add a shiny effect to colorful paint.

Use this paint to decorate the seashells from your trip. Once the shells are dry, your child can glue them onto a lamp base, picture frame, or any other item that needs summer flair.

Paint Themed Garden Rocks

While we try to keep our kids active this summer, most of us know that we’ll end up watching movies too. If your child loves a specific franchise like Star Wars, then they can try some of these Star Wars craft ideas for kids once the movies are over.

If your child is still obsessed after they do all these crafts, consider painting something permanent with Star Wars or other movie themes. Grab some rocks from your garden and paint them to match the theme. When they’re dry, your child can place them around the garden or yard and see them whenever they play outside this summer.

Your kids will love these easy summer painting crafts that allow them to express themselves. Cleaning up is fairly easy as long as you protect your work surface with old paper or a plastic cover and give children old T-shirts to wear.

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