DIY 4th of July Decorating Ideas

4th of july centerpiece

With the 4th of July around the corner, I thought I would get a jumpstart on the decor. I just bought a new Cricut Air Explore and wanted my first project to be fun and easy. That’s how I came up with this 4th of July Centerpiece. It’s incredibly easy to make and I’m including a file for the Cricut and for those without a cutting machine, another file you can print and cut yourself.

4th of july centerpiece

You’ll Need:

  • SVG or Printable project file (found below)
  • 1 8 – 9-inch cardboard box
  • Acrylic paint & paintbrush(es)
  • Glue stick
  • 1 12-inch blue cardstock
  • 1 12-inch red cardstock
  • Glitter glue


4th of july centerpiece

Paint the cardboard box white. Do 2 coats or more until you get the desired look.

scalable vector graphics svg

Print or cut the designs. Add glitter and decorations, be creative – this is YOUR centerpiece so make it your own!

*If you’re using the SVG be sure to copy + paste the image in Design Studio, or whatever software you’re using, to cut 2 copies from the same sheet. If you’re printing and cutting yourself be sure to adjust the size to fit your box. Ideally, you want the print size at 9 inches.scalable vector graphics svg

Using the glue stick, coat the back of the shape and adhere it to the top part of the box. Make sure it’s not flat, the higher up on the box the better. I overlapped my cutouts, but you can trim to the length of the box if you prefer. You can also resize the SVG or printable file before you cut/print to perfectly fit your box.

4th of July Centerpiece Design Files

cut and print diy 4th of july centerpiece

Clicking the links below will open a new window.with the selected image. To print, right click on the image and select print page. To save, right-click on the image and select ‘save image as’ and hit enter when the pop-up box appears.

Print the design and cut yourself


Save the SVG for use with Cricut or other personal cutter machines.

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