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Spring Arts And Crafts : An Easy Project

With most schools being out for the remainder of the school year, it’s getting more and more difficult to keep kids entertained while being stuck in the house this spring. I created a fun spring-themed way for kids to use their imaginations and for parents to use up some of their craft supply.

spring mix and match cricut project

If you remember Mr. Potato Head then you remember how much fun it was to make him look as silly as possible. Ears where eyes should be, feet on top of the head. The simplicity of the toy was part of its magic. The spring-themed project I’m sharing today (click here to open in Design Space) uses the same concept and is sure to be a hit with your kids, regardless of how young or old they are. 

spring mix and match cricut project

The real beauty of this craft project is that you shouldn’t have to run out to get supplies. I used whatever I had on hand, which was a lot of cardstock and felt. You can even use old clothes and cardboard boxes if you have them! Here’s how to recreate these Spring Mix and Match playsets at home. 

spring arts and crafts : an easy project
spring arts and crafts : an easy project
spring arts and crafts : an easy project
spring mix and match cricut project
cricut spring mix and match playsets

A Spring Mix and Match Playset with the Cricut Maker


  • Kraft board or cardboard (white and black recommended)
  • Felt or fabric in spring colors
  • Hot glue
  • Velcro or other removable adhesive
  • Tape
  • Popsicle sticks


  • Cricut cutting machine
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Open the Design Space link and adjust sizes, colors, and shapes as desired, then click on 'MAKE IT'. Use a sturdy material like cardboard or kraft board for the white and black pieces.
  2. Using the Design Space images as a guide, assemble the base pieces (the white and black pieces) as needed, using hot glue.
  3. The bunny should use the white cut out on TOP of the pink cut out, so the pink is only visible on the belly, feet, and ears.
  4. The chick should have the white cut out on BOTTOM of the yellow cut out.
  5. The hat has 5 layers, the black base, the grey cut out on top of that, the yellow cut out, the blue cut out, and another grey cut out, in that order. Use the image as a guide for what goes where.
  6. The eyes are fairly simple to put together, glue the white onto the black pieces, or vice versa.
  7. For the bunny ear topper, place the light pink cut out on TOP of the dark pink cut out.
  8. I used transfer tape to hold the unicorn hold pieces and then glued a popsicle stick behind that.
  9. The eggs just need Velcro pieces spread out over them. There are no right or wrong places to put the Velcro.
  10. Cut Velcro pieces and put one side onto the areas you want pieces to stick. Put the coordinating Velcro pieces onto the backs of the pieces that will be sticking to the shapes.
  11. Use hot glue to affix popsicle sticks to the back of the bunny, chick, and unicorn horns.

Did you make this project?

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  1. I wish my stepkids had the patience to do stuff like this. I bought so many craft kits, but they were not interested. Oh well. I guess that just gives me stuff to do. haha

  2. These craft projects sound like wonderful ideas to keep kids occupied during this quarantine. I’ll share it with my nephew and he’d love making some of these!

  3. It’s a very fun activity. Kids here will definite love it. Good thing there is still an open school supply store nearby.

  4. I love this idea! I am sure my niece would love this too. It would be fun to make this with her. SO cute!

  5. These are all so cute. I love them all. I think my daughters would have fun with these too. They love stuff like this.

  6. Such a nice craft and if you have the kids work with you it is a great activity. I have older kids but this Cricut machine is always a good craft maker for kids of all ages.

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