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DIY Earing Ideas For Easter

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that PEEPS are one of the most popular Easter treats. Next to chocolate bunnies, of course. Sometimes we put them in an Easter basket just for sentimental reasons, other times it’s because someone really, really loves them. This year, I wanted to do something different with the PEEPS idea so I decided to make these adorable PEEPS earrings. They’re incredibly easy to make and so versatile you can have them in any color, just like PEEPS!

diy peeps earrings

Making DIY PEEPS Earrings

I made these with my Cricut Maker, but I’m sure you can simply cut them with scissors if you prefer. I love the smooth lines I get with my Cricut so when it comes to cutting anything, I always turn to it. You can get the cut file by clicking here to open it in Cricut Design Space

The brown layer is meant for a heavy-duty material like chipboard or at the least kraft board. After that, I used permanent vinyl for the outer layer, but you can use decorative paper too. Or, leave them white and let kids color them in! The possibilities are really endless. 

diy peeps earringsI actually love the idea of letting kids decorate these earrings themselves. Being cooped up makes for a lot of repetition, this is something different they can do. And when they’re done, they can keep the earrings or give them to someone special. 

Be sure to add the vinyl or paper to both sides of each earring. 

How to Add Fish Hook Earwires to DIY Earrings

diy peeps earrings

Since the hole to add the earring hooks is large on the earrings, I decided to use earring endcaps to hide them. This worked out great since it adds a cute decorative touch too. I threaded a headpin through the endcap and I used that headpin to add extra length to the earrings. This made the PEEP earrings free to dangle instead of being so stiff that they didn’t move at all. 

I used needlenose pliers to bend and close the headpin, then connected a fishhook earring wire and the headpin with a jumpring. 

Decorating PEEPS Earrings

diy peeps earringsOnce the earring wires were attached I used tacky glue to stick googly eyes to the PEEPS earrings. You can use anything here, but I love the fun touch the googly eyes added. What about you?

I can’t wait to try different colors and sizes of PEEPS for these earrings. I think I’ll be using decorative paper next!

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