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Dollar Tree DIY Fall Wreath

I’ve never been quite as obsessed with seasonal decorating as I am now. I guess it’s the excitement of the new house, but I’ve been ready to decorate for fall since July! I decided then that I was going to DIY most of the decorations. Not only to save money but to keep my creativity pumping. Now that fall is finally upon us, I’m ready to start showing off my DIY fall decor. First up is this quick and easy Dollar Tree DIY Fall Wreath. 

dollar tree diy fall wreath

Just about everything I used to make this wreath came from Dollar Tree. I had the yellow burlap leftover from another project so I wanted to use it (such a gorgeous fall fabric!) Since I had already used some of the yellow burlap, I knew I couldn’t cover the entire wreath form with it. That’s why I decided to do a blend of burlap and deco mesh. I’m very happy with how it turned out with mixed textures. 

dollar tree diy fall wreath

I used a combination of two techniques for this DIY fall wreath. The first was the curl and loop method (<– click for a YouTube video tutorial) with the deco mesh. Basically you take 3 – 5 strips of assorted deco mesh and ribbon (about 4 inches long) and roll each one into a tube. Gather the 3 – 5 pieces together and pinch them in the middle.

Use a chenille stem, thin wire, or even a bread tie (if you have them in bulk) to hold them together. Be sure they’re tight so they stay together! Leave a longish tail from whatever you’re wrapping your deco mesh with; this is what you’ll attach the bundle to the wreath form with.

dollar tree diy fall wreath

Set the bundle of deco mesh and ribbon on top of the wreath form and reach, from back to front, for the tails of the tie. Wrap the tail of the tie around the center wire of the wreath form. Continue until you fill one section, fluffing as you go. I get about 4 bundles in each section.

The next method I used was the ruffle, bunch, and twist (<– click for a YouTube video tutorial) for the burlap sections. This is by far the quickest and easiest way I’ve found to make a wreath. It’s also easy to get the burlap off of the wreath for if you want to reuse it for another season! 

dollar tree diy fall wreath

For this wreath making technique you’re basically weaving the burlap halfway through the three inner rings of the wreath form. The key is the twist at the end of each tier. The video will show you much better than I can tell you! 

I alternated between wreath making techniques for each section of the wreath form. You can organize them however you prefer or just stick with one technique or the other. I like doing it this way because it saves on material and gives a nice contrast to the wreath. 

dollar tree diy fall wreath

If you’re feeling extra lazy or rushed you can do what I did and add a cute bit of premade Dollar Tree decor to the wreath. I used the Happy Harvest Truck hanger to embellish my wreath. It took up a section and a half so I saved even more material to use at a later time! That makes this Dollar Tree DIY Fall Wreath even cheaper to make. 


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