5 Quick Cricut Joy Projects For Beginners

I’m not known to be a serious person. In fact, I’m what some would consider eccentric. For example, when I first saw the Cricut Joy at Michaels I started a slow clap right there in the store. Of course, no one else joined in and I looked like I was off my meds. But, I was unfazed. This little portable machine had just revolutionized the way I cut vinyl and cardstock. There was no turning back.

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Of course, I had already heard of the Cricut Joy and knew how great it was going to be, but seeing it in person was still a rush. It’s like watching every movie your favorite celebrity has been in and then meeting said celebrity who in turn exceeds your expectations. After all, seeing is believing and once I unpacked my Cricut Joy I couldn’t wait to get started.


The Clif’s Notes version is that Cricut Joy is a compact companion to other Cricut cutting machines. It’s designed to run alongside or apart from your Maker or Explore. The most beautiful feature is that you can use Cricut Joy wherever you go, all you need is a power source and your tablet or smartphone. If you’re a craftaholic like I am then you can imagine the possibilities, right?! Even if you’re just getting your toes wet the Joy will be a smart investment.

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Cricut Joy has its own line of specialty tools and smart supplies. Labels, cards and card inserts, mats, and even vinyl. An entirely new world has been opened up, and it’s one that doesn’t require mats for cutting vinyl! I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this. I always have trouble lining up vinyl on the mats so now, being able to do matless cutting, I’m thrilled.

5 Quick Projects for Cricut Joy


cricut joy labels crafts

One of the first things I did with my Cricut Joy was making labels to organize my craft supplies. We just moved into the new house and the last thing I wanted to do was let it get junked up. the labels are incredibly easy to make thanks to the Cricut Joy exclusive Smart Label Writable Vinyl and the ease of Cricut Design Space. All I had to do was teak a few things and I had the perfect labels for every drawer.

Making labels with Cricut Joy is as easy as 1. 2. 3.

  1. Create a label design in Design Space. Come up with your own or use a ready-made image or project.
  2. Follow the on-screen directions to load pens, blades, and material.
  3. Weed (if necessary) and transfer your newly made labels!

…More Labels…

cricut joy kitchen labels

The labels were so easy to make I decided to make some for the kitchen too! I have cute glass containers on the counter, but it’s easy to confuse flour and powdered sugar. I’ve done it more than once! Now there’s no confusion because the containers are clearly labeled and they’re that much cuter! I used removable vinyl for these labels so I could change them out as needed.

…Mailbox Makeover…

cricut joy mailbox

Another thing I wanted to do with the new house was to replace the mailbox. The old one was on its last leg and just didn’t suit a new house. As soon as it was up, I realized I wasn’t happy with how plain it looked. I used the Cricut Joy and Design Space to create a cute monogram and cut the 911 address. I used Cricut Joy Removeable Vinyl because it will stay as long as I want it, but when I want to change it I won’t have to work at it too hard.

I went with a ready-made K monogram because it was perfect! All I had to do was insert the image and click Make It. Weeding the design took a few extra minutes, but was totally worth the time.


cricut joy pot holder iron on

I had a set of plain blue oven mitt and pot holder that needed a bit of jazzing up. I used the Cricut Joy to create a fun Iron-On just for them. Luckily the Cricut Joy even has its own line of Smart Iron-On vinyl so there was no need to cut anything beforehand to make sure it fit. Now they really stand out and brighten up the kitchen. I’m excited for the day I can invite everyone over to check out all of the cool things I’ve made with my Cricut Joy!

Using Iron-On with the Cricut Joy is the same as with any other Cricut Machine. Choose your materials, mirror the image, and load the Iron-On Vinyl shiny side down. I used my EasyPress set at 360F and pressed lightly for 30 seconds. I made sure the designs were on the backs of the potholders since they’re more for aesthetics than using.


cricut joy cards

Cricut Joy is the perfect machine for making a huge variety of cards. The specially designed card mat makes it even easier. I was able to quickly make customized thank you cards for everyone who sent my grandmother flowers, cards, and gifts in the early days of her recovery. The array of colored inserts let me add even more special touches to each card. I sent them out proudly. When my grandmother saw I was making cards she got me to make one for my aunt’s birthday. She couldn’t get over how easy cards are to make with the Cricut Joy, or how professional they looked.

Making Cards with Cricut Joy

Card making is probably one of my favorite things to do with Cricut Joy. All you need to do is load one of the Cricut Joy Smart Card Blanks onto the card mat, follow the on-screen prompts, and go!

cricut joy

There are so many other ways to put Cricut Joy to work for you. If you don’t buy anything else this year, you’re going to want to buy a Joy and be sure to stock up on accessories. They’re perfect for travel (the carrying case makes mobility flawless) and taking with you wherever you go, whether it’s a different room or a different state!

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