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Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Form Centerpiece

Do you love Dollar Tree crafts? You can create this festive Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Form Centerpiece in just a few steps. The best part is that it can be made for less than $10 and will last for years to come.

dollar tree pumpkin wreath form craft centerpiece

Have you noticed how different Dollar Trees carry different products? These pumpkin wreath forms, for example, are not available in my local store. I had to drive an hour north to find them, but it was a worthwhile trip.

dollar tree pumpkin wreath form craft

A single form would make a cute wreath, I’m sure, but I had bigger plans. See, two of these pumpkin wreath forms align perfectly to create a three-dimensional pumpkin. Sure it’s a narrow one, but it’s a pumpkin just the same.

I have seen others make a similar centerpiece by stapling the wreath form to a wooden base. I used a wooden base, but no staples. Instead, I simply used hot glue to make my base. I also didn’t simply set the forms on the wood, but kind of wedged the wood between the forms.

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Form Centerpiece Supplies

Most of the supplies used in this craft project can be found at Dollar Tree. The main exception is the wood base I used. I bought a bundle of rustic wood slats from Hobby Lobby and used one of those. Here’s a complete supply list for this project.

  • 2 pumpkin wreath forms
  • roll of twine
  • roll of orange mesh ribbon
  • bundle natural raffia
  • flowery pumpkin (or other centerpiece)
  • pack maple leaves
  • battery-operated candle
dollar tree pumpkin wreath form craft twine stem

It’s very easy to recreate this Dollar Tree Pumpkin Wreath Form Centerpiece. First, line up the forms stem to stem, bottom to bottom. Hold it together by weaving twine around the edge of the stems. You can wrap the stem instead to make it quicker. If you choose the weaving method, you’ll need to cut about 3 feet of twine. The ball is too big to fit between the inside of the stem.

Don’t worry if it’s not completely even. That’s what the mesh ribbon is for. Cut 8 – 3-inch pieces of ribbon and roll them into tubes. Tie or hot glue the tubes along the top of the pumpkin wreath form, further securing the two forms.

dollar tree pumpkin wreath form with raffia and tulle

Wedge the wood between the bottoms of the pumpkin forms and use hot glue to hold it in place. Once the glue has dried, hot glue raffia onto the wood. This is a good way to hide the glue and add a decorative touch.

Next, add your pumpkin, candle, and hot glue maple leaves to the raffia.  As additional option you can organize flower delivery to your door to get some floral stems along with oasis. Put some flowers in oasis and place inside of the pumpkin form.

dollar tree diy fall centerpieces

Now, all you need to do is find the perfect spot to show off your cute fall decor. Mine is on the coffee table. I wanted it on the mantle, but it was a little too tall and overlapped the TV. I haven’t gotten the courage to relocate my TV mount yet, so until then I have a floral fall centerpiece up there. Find the tutorial for that and more Dollar Tree Fall decor ideas here (I used the small Dollar Tree crates).

dollar tree pumpkin centerpiece

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