10 Nourishing Uses of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

coconut oil during pregnancy

Oh how I love you coconut oil, let me count the ways. It seems that there’s no wrong that coconut oil can do. It is a miracle oil that is good for every purpose and ailment. There’s even an incredible amount of uses of coconut oil during pregnancy and these are just some of the most outstanding.

If you are currently pregnant, coconut oil is a fantastic addition to your natural health arsenal. With your doctor’s permission, you can use coconut oil to benefit you and your growing baby in the following ways.

The Best Uses of Coconut Oil During Pregnancy

Warding off illness is perhaps the most beneficial use of coconut oil during pregnancy. Because coconut oil is anti-viral and anti-fungal, including it in your diet may help you to ward off illnesses like fever and the common cold. It’s so easy to get sick while pregnant since your body is heightened to viruses but this is an all-natural way to fight off viral diseases.

The added benefit of this is that you won’t have to use too many over-the-counter medications to treat illnesses which is great since these can have harmful effects on your little one. Coconut oil is safe to eat while pregnant and can be included in your favorite healthy drinks or shakes such as these.

Substitute Coconut Oil For Dairy

Many women find that they have a hard time drinking or eating anything with dairy products during pregnancy, as well as while breastfeeding. If this applies to you, then coconut oil can be a great addition to your diet. You are able to swap out your milk and butter for coconut oil in various recipes, which is perfect if you are lactose intolerant but want certain recipes calling for dairy products.

It is also good for getting more nutrients in your beverages and meals when you have your baby and your baby shows signs of having a dairy intolerance.

It is an Excellent Supplement

When you are pregnant, a simple way to use coconut oil is by using it as a supplement. There are a lot of benefits for your health in coconut oil, including helping to lower your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, and protecting you against bacteria and viruses.

Coconut oil also helps to develop the immune system of your baby. You may notice that coconut oil is an ingredient in many baby formulas since it is a great source of lauric acid. The electrolytes in fresh coconut water may also help to relieve leg and foot pains common during late pregnancy by increasing your blog circulation.

Reduce Skin Irritation With Coconut Oil

Pregnancy changes your hormone levels and causes quite a few changes in your body, and especially your skin. That might include getting dry and cracked skin, sometimes with red and irritating rashes. Coconut oil can soothe your skin to reduce itchiness, get rid of red patches, and help with those dry areas of skin. You can rub it on any itchy or dry areas of skin during pregnancy. It’s also a good idea to use it after you have the baby to apply on your cracked nipples while breastfeeding.

Ease Your Side Effects

Don’t forget that a lot of your other pregnancy side effects can get relief by using coconut oil. For example, adding a little coconut oil to your food or drinks each day can help with digestion and bacteria in your oesophagus. This can help to reduce morning sickness, heartburn, and nausea that are common during pregnancy. You can also make a natural headache balm to use for relieving your headaches since you may want to avoid regular painkillers while you are pregnant.

To Moisturize Your Hair

During pregnancy, you may want to ditch the chemical treatments used in your hair to soften it and give it sheen. Instead, use a coconut oil hair mask to condition your hair. Coconut oil is one of the few oils that can moisturize your hair from the inside out and so works well as a hair treatment especially when dealing with dry hair and scalp during pregnancy. You can also simply rub the oil on your scalp to help prevent flaking.

Coconut oil can also be used in your daily beauty regimen. Find out how to use coconut oil face masks here.

Relieve Heartburn and Constipation

These are symptoms many women face during pregnancy and can often last for the entire nine months. Thankfully coconut oil is an all-natural way to relieve these symptoms by simply consuming up to two tablespoons of the oil each day. It is perfectly safe to do so and will actually pass on health benefits to your baby. Just be sure to use organic extra-virgin coconut oil that has not been processed.

Help Prevent Stretchmarks and Diaper Rash

Stretch marks give many pregnant women anxiety as we wonder if we’ll be spared the stripes and be able to walk away with minimal effects on our skin. One way to help prevent them is to keep your belly and bum well moisturised as they expand to accommodate baby. Use often and liberally especially after showering.

The awesome thing about coconut oil is that you can also use it to massage your newborn and it will have the benefit of strengthening their muscles and bones. Use it also on their scalp to prevent flaking and cradle cap like you would in your own hair. Finally, it can be used as a natural way to help prevent or relieve diaper rash.

Help Treat and Prevent Yeast Infections

Because of it’s antifungal and antimicrobial properties, coconut oil is actually quite safe and effective to use on your private area to treat a flare-up of candida that may be caused by the changing pH levels there during pregnancy. You can apply it topically or simply add it to your diet to help treat and prevent further flare-ups.

Increase the Nutrition of Breast Milk

As mentioned earlier, coconut oil contains a saturated fat called lauric acid and this fatty acid is also present in breast milk. Studies have shown that consuming coconut oil regularly boosts the nutrition of your breastmilk making it healthier for babies. You only need 2 tablespoons per day to achieve optimal health and it should always be extra-virgin coconut oil.

Once your baby is here, check out this guide on using coconut oil on newborns.

Want to learn how to safely add coconut oil to your diet in a healthy and delicious way? Get the free guide below.

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