How to Improve Your Style Without Overspending

You don’t have to shell out a bunch of money or sell your expensive jewelry online to earn enough money to improve your look and update your personal style. You can express yourself through the clothes you wear for as much or as little money as you prefer or can afford. Considering that your clothes impact what others think of you, it’s worth the investment to improve your style. With the tips below you’ll be able to rejuvenate your wardrobe and still have money left over to head out of town, go out for the night or whatever it is that lets your personal style shine.

improve your style without overspending

Take stock of what you already own.

The first step in improving your wardrobe is to assess what you already have in your closet and what you need. Double check that all of the essentials are covered. That means you’ll need at least one of the following: jeans, pants, shorts, blouses, t-shirts, long-sleeved shirts, sweaters, dresses and skirts.

Remember to take stock of your purses, belts, and shoes. You can get away with one good purse and belt, but you’ll need to have a few standout pairs of shoes that’ll match with a variety of outfits. Try shopping for brand names at smaller retail stores–they tend to have better options and prices. That means you can end up with an extra pair or a more stylish version that you might not have been able to afford otherwise.

Stay on top of sales and special offers.

As every retail season comes to a close, stores cut prices and offer special discounts to make room for next season’s line. If you plan your trip accordingly, you can take advantage of these amazing deals.

To find spring clothes on sale, go shopping in March. For clearance items, shop in April. To stock up on summer items, look for sales in late July and clearance discounts starting in August. For your fall clothes, try to wait until October for the clearance sale but you can still find good discounts in September.

You’ll start to see sales for winter clothes the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas, but if you can hold off until January you will save big. If you need a reminder of when the sales are, sign up for your favorite store’s mailing list and they’ll keep you in the loop.

Try your luck at second-hand shops.

If you are on a very strict budget, invest your time instead of your money. Revamping your wardrobe is possible for really cheap if you are willing to spend the time browsing racks of consignment shops and thrift stores. As an added bonus, you can also sell or donate any old clothing that needs to get out of your closet!

Adopt a capsule wardrobe.

You can save money by not buying so many clothes in the first place, which is why many women opt for a capsule wardrobe. When you go for a capsule wardrobe, there is a limit of 30 or fewer pieces of clothing per season. Although you have fewer options, you can create an endless amount of outfits if you stick to a color scheme.

improve your style without overspending

Create new looks with accessories. 

If you feel like you are just wearing the same thing over and over, you could really benefit from some fresh accessories. You can use jewelry, belts, purses and more to perk up nearly any outfit and change up your look.

For instance, you can improve your style without spending a fortune by selecting reasonably priced gold jewelry. Don’t overlook hair tools to make your hair pop.

Plus, accessories are a great way to stay trendy. It’s one of the less expensive things to keep up with, as opposed to buying new dresses all the time, and you’ll be able to fit in anywhere.

Be crafty and creative with old clothes.

It doesn’t take a fashionista to create something new out of old clothing, purses or jewelry. Try adding things to your belts, like winding ribbon around them to add color. You can also create shorts from pants or tank tops from t-shirts.

The Internet offers many DIY clothing tutorials that even have videos, slideshows and pictures to make it more clear. You can learn how to transform almost any article of clothing into something new.

Fix any ripped clothing or broken accessories.

Is your closet filled to the brim with broken items? Maybe the strap came off your favorite purse or you can’t wear your go-to heels any more thanks to scuff marks and a worn-out sole.

improve your style without overspending

No matter the item, give your local shop a chance to reclaim broken accessories and fix holes or tears in clothing. You don’t have to say goodbye to anything you love when there is the opportunity to fix it for way less than buying it new!

Go for classic looks.

If you are going to drop a bit of money on clothing, always choose a classic look that you can wear for a few different types of occasions. Certain colors and shapes are timeless so you can rest assured your new piece of clothing will always be in style.

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