Simple Tips for Spring-Cleaning Your Apartment

simple tips for spring-cleaning your apartment

When the snow melts and the flowers bloom, it’s time for some spring-cleaning. If you need to spring-clean your apartment, remember these simple tips to help you get through the process!

Make a Schedule

Before you break out the rubber gloves and sponges, create a spring-cleaning list and schedule first. Setting out to clean the entire apartment can feel daunting, so consider going room by room and making a list of everything you want to do in each room. Tasks could include anything from dusting to cleaning the blinds or scrubbing the tile.

Creating a list and schedule will give you a sense of accomplishment every time you do something, as you can check it off your list. It also helps to ensure you don’t forget anything while cleaning. And remember to schedule a few breaks in between to give yourself some breathers!

Declutter, Then Clean

The first thing you should put on your spring-cleaning to-do list is decluttering. It’s a simple tip, but it won’t feel like you spring cleaned your apartment if you don’t remove the junk you’ve accumulated over the past year.

We’re all guilty of hoarding things we shouldn’t, so now’s the time to finally let go of them and donate them to your local Goodwill or other charity.

In particular, closets can be hoarding gold mines for miscellaneous items, so make sure you declutter your closet thoroughly to give yourself more closet space. Once you’ve decluttered, you’ll be amazed at how much more space you’ll have to work with in your bedroom!

You can use this extra room to set up a new craft space or another station you’d enjoy having.

Work Top to Bottom

Many people don’t know where to start when they spring clean. When cleaning a room, starting at the top and working your way down is always smart, particularly when dusting.

This way, you won’t clean the floor, clean a counter, then have to clean the floor again. Therefore, start your cleaning with the ceiling fans, top cabinets, ceiling corners, and vent covers.

Pro Tip: For vacuuming, consider a HEPA vacuum, which collects dust and airborne pathogens that can kick up into the air while dusting and cleaning.

Light Incense While Cleaning

Spring cleaning can be stressful for many of us—it can feel like you’ve been cleaning all day and still have so much to do! Keeping your mental health strong while working is important, so consider implementing something anxiety-reducing, such as lighting incense.

Incense helps many people calm their minds, and it will fill any room with a pleasant aroma while you work. Learn how to choose the right incense scent for you, and reap the benefits of a fresh-looking and fresh-smelling apartment.

Keep our tips in mind, and we’re sure you’ll tackle your spring cleaning better than ever before. By the end of the week, you’ll have a spotless apartment!

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