Sandalwood Scent: The perfect fall scent for your home

As the season changes, so do the way we decorate our homes. The leaves start to turn, and colors begin shifting from bright oranges and yellows to darker reds and browns. We switch from flip-flops to boots, and from shorts to jeans. In other words, it’s time for a change and the sandalwood scent is perfect for this season.

One of my favorite transitional changes is bringing in scents that represent the season. On one hand, it’s amazing to have my house smell like cinnamon rolls in the morning and fresh-cut flowers while I’m having dinner with friends. On the other hand, there’s nothing quite like being greeted by the smell of apple cider as you enter your home after a long day at work; or stepping into a warm, inviting space that smells like roasted pumpkin.

sandalwood scent: the perfect fall scent for your home

Sandalwood Scent: The perfect fall scent for your home

Sandalwood is one of my favorite scents. It was used heavily in the Victorian Era and can be found in many different fragrances today. Not only is it a soft and luxurious smell on its own, but it also mixes beautifully with other scents to create new aromas.

For example:

Sandalwood + Grapefruit = A dynamic scent perfect for those entering your home! Think of citrus zest mixed with earthy sandalwood to produce an aroma that will make you feel confident and energetic as you enter!

What is Sandalwood?

Sandalwood, which comes from the Santalum Album tree, is typically found in India and Australia. It’s a dark wood that can be burned to create an extremely fragrant scent. It takes 15 years or more for a sandalwood tree to reach maturity and the older the tree, the longer the better quality essential oil it produces.

It’s no wonder this was such a popular scent in the Victorian Era; it can be used to make everything from furniture polish to perfume!

sandalwood scent: the perfect fall scent for your home

What does sandalwood smell like?

It’s a very rich and woodsy aroma, which can be described as a warm and earthy smell. However, sandalwood is also known to produce aromas of vanilla or even citrus scents! Its amazingly unique fragrance is popular in products like soap and candles, but it also makes a lovely base note in perfumes.

Benefits of Sandalwood Essential Oil

Sandalwood essential oil has many health benefits. Some of these include:

Calming – when used in aromatherapy, can be a great way to help calm your thoughts and relax your body. This wonderful oil can even help eliminate feelings of depression and mood swings while reducing anxiety.

Combating asthma – Sandalwood essential oil has been used for hundreds of years to help treat asthma. It works as a bronchodilator which means it is able to open up airways so that air can flow more freely and reduce the symptoms associated with this condition. This makes it perfect for diffusing throughout your home especially in the colder months.

Promoting restful sleep – If you’re like me, then you know how difficult it can be to sleep during the winter. Colder weather and closed windows keep fresh air out of your home. At night, I like to diffuse sandalwood essential oil in my bedroom for a few hours before bedtime and find that it helps reduce any anxiety or feelings of restlessness as it promotes deeper sleep.

Stimulating immune function – Sandalwood essential oil has also been scientifically proven to have a stimulating effect on white cells, which work to fight off infection. This makes it an ideal solution for anyone who’s looking to support their immune function through the winter season.

sandalwood scent: the perfect fall scent for your home

The Best Ways to Enjoy Sandalwood Scents

There are so many ways you can enjoy the sandalwood scent all throughout your home. You can place sandalwood scented candles around your living room or bedroom for a subtle yet fragrant atmosphere; however, if you’re looking for something a little more unique, try simmering some cinnamon sticks in water with a few drops of sandalwood oil on top! It will fill your entire house with an autumn scent that is just perfect for this time of year.   

You can also diffuse a combination of sandalwood and other scents in your diffuser for a safe and long-lasting aroma. Think of a combination of sandalwood, bergamot, clary sage, and grapefruit. These citrus notes perk up the earthy character of the sandalwood in an amazing way!

A Few More Sandalwood Scented Home Decor Ideas

Sandalwood is one of my favorite warmer weather scents; however, once fall hits it’s wonderful to have that same scent accenting what you do inside. For example:

Add a few drops of food-grade sandalwood essential oil to pumpkin puree as it simmers for a truly unique scent that will remind you of fall when cooking this winter.

Place decorative bowls around your bathrooms and living room filled with sandalwood potpourri.

Use sandalwood essential oil in handmade soaps to give yourself and your guests bath a warm and inviting aroma.

Sandalwood essential oil makes an excellent foot soak before bedtime! Just mix it into some Epsom salt for a relaxing experience that will help you sleep better at night.   

Burn it as an incense for meditation: Sandalwood powder burns at a low temperature and should be burned before any other incense (in order for your room to fill with its powerful aroma).

Enjoy these ideas, and feel free to experiment with your own unique scent combinations once you’ve tried this one out!     

Sandalwood essential oil is also a powerful ingredient in your skincare routine. Check out this post on sandalwood for skin.

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