Easy Steps to Bathe Your Dog at Home

Bathing will make your pet look and smell pleasant. Plus, it also keeps the dog’s coat and skin healthy by removing all the dirt and parasites stuck there. Most dogs don’t need daily cleansing and bathing. How often a dog should be bathed depends on its breed and environment. Usually bathing once a month is enough for all types of dogs other than hounds that require bathing once a week or more often. Here are easy steps that you should follow to make the bathing time fun for your pet:

Don’t Wrestle

Having a dog is fun but if you have recently adopted a dog and are giving it a bath for the first time, it may resist getting wet. Don’t force your dog into the bath when it’s not calm. Don’t wrestle with it to go in the tub. Place the dog in the dry tub first. Then, slowly pour slightly warm water in the base of the tub to get the dog familiar with the bathing concept. Keep praising your dog and give treats when it calms down.

Brush Up

Brush the dog’s coat thoroughly before bathing it. The tangled hair holds water. Once they are wet, the tangles can get worse and cause irritation to the skin. If you are not able to remove some tangles by brushing, consider cutting them. Brushing will also remove loose hair before bathing.  Use only lukewarm water for dogs because hot water can burn the dog easily. Large breed dogs need even cooler water for bathing because they can easily overheat.

Where to bath?

Small dogs can fit in the sinks or laundry tub. Don’t squeeze your large dog into the sink. Choose a tub large enough for your dog. If your dog is comfortable, get it in the shower. If you are learning how to give a bath to dogs, you are most likely a new pet owner and/or deciding if you are ready to adopt one. Hundreds of dogs are adopted in Australia every day because they are our most faithful companions. When it comes to Dog adoption in Sydney, it’s easy to get a happy pet. But if you want it to stay happy, hygiene should be one of your top concerns.

Wet and wash

Place cotton balls in both ears of the dog to keep the water out. Gradually wet the dog with water and apply dog shampoo that is PH-balanced. Work the shampoo gently into the hair and use your fingers to massage it all over the coat. Keep its eyes safe from the soap.

Rinse off

easy steps to bathe your dog at homeRinse off all the soap thoroughly and repeat the rinsing several times for long hair dogs. Then apply the conditioner made for dogs. Conditioning is important for dogs with long hair to avoid tangles. Conditioner also makes the coat feel smooth, soft and moisturized. Properly rinse to remove all the traces of shampoo and conditioner before drying your dog.

Dry time

After rinsing, remove the dog from the tub and use a dry towel to rub it. Rub gently and carefully to absorb all the water. You can let it air-dry or use the blow dryer designed for the dogs. Don’t use your dryer because it can be too hot for the dog’s skin.

Keep it indoors

If you air-dry your dog, it will keep shaking off and rolling on the carpet or rugs to get rid of the moisture. So keep it indoors for a few hours after bathing. If you let it go outdoor, there is a chance that it will roll in the dirt and grass to dry off. And if the weather is cold, you would not want your dog to get cold.

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