Coconut Oil on Newborns: Safety Tips When Using Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

Curious about coconut oil for babies? Coconut oil is a popular oil used for its multitude of health benefits. Even so, it’s best to take care when using it on your brand new baby. This article provides guidance when using coconut oil on newborns whether you’re using coconut oil for baby massage, bath time or in their precious soft baby hair. 

coconut oil on newborns

Coconut oil is very safe to use for most people to use on their skin or to eat, except for those who have an allergic reaction to it.

Even young children and babies can benefit from coconut oil for things like minor cuts and scrapes, but you need to be extra careful. Here are some tips for using it safely on your newborn or infant.

Before we get into safety tips for coconut oil, let’s look at the various types. 

The differences in coconut oil are subtle and can be confusing for some. It is important to understand what type of coconut oil you need in order for it to be most beneficial to baby.

What is Organic Coconut Oil?

The first type of coconut oil you want to be sure you get is organic coconut oil.

This means that the coconuts themselves were grown without any pesticides or other chemicals.

This shouldn’t be the only label you look for, but when you want it to be as natural as possible, look for the words organic on the label. If you are in the United States, this will usually need to be “USDA Organic” to qualify.

This is a great brand of organic coconut oil

Unrefined Coconut Oil

Another label that you might see when you go shopping for your coconut oil is either refined or unrefined. A good way to look at it is that refined coconut oil is more processed than unrefined coconut oil, so it is best to go with the jar that says unrefined on the label.

When coconut oil is refined, it means that a lot of the flavor of the coconut is removed from the oil by choosing a higher smoke point while preparing the oil.

This is done for people who like the benefits of coconut oil, but don’t want the flavor. However, this process keeps it from being fresh and raw.

This is a great brand of still organic but refined coconut oil if you are not a fan of the nutty flavor. 

how to use coconut oil for diaper rash on newborn babies. coconut oil for newborn safety tips and precautions

Virgin or Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

You will frequently see that extra virgin or virgin coconut oil is recommended for food, drinks, or personal use. Pay close attention to the label of the coconut oil you purchase so that you get the right variety.

You aren’t paying much attention to the difference between virgin or extra virgin coconut oil, but that at least one of these terms are used.

It is not like olive oil where there is a difference between these. It simply means it is lighter than pure coconut oil, which is needed in some circumstances.

You may also notice other types of coconut oil, like coldpressed or processed coconut oil. The use and recipe for your DIY purposes will determine what type of coconut oil to use.

However, in general, you should go with the unrefined organic coconut oil, often looking for it to say raw, virgin, or extra virgin on the label.

Here’s a great brand of cold-pressed unrefined organic coconut oil that is excellent for babies.

Safety Tips For Using Coconut Oil On Newborns

When it comes to your baby’s soft skin, you want to take precaution even if you’re accustomed to using these products yourself. Following the below tips will help you to use this healthy oil on your newborn to reap the benefits it offers.

Test the Oil First

Before you start using coconut oil on your newborn baby, after talking to your doctor, make sure you have tested it on a small area of skin.

Use a very small amount of the coconut oil, making sure it is only organic and all-natural virgin coconut oil.

Don’t warm it up to scalding, only enough to get it a little more malleable. You can do so by rubbing it between the palms of your hands instead of opting for a microwave or warm water bath to melt your oil.

Rub a small amount on a very small section of skin, then wait a few minutes to see if there is a reaction. If your baby starts crying, or you notice redness or other signs of irritation, do not use it on your baby. While it is safe for most people, some have an allergic reaction to it.

Use the Right Type of Oil

You also need to make sure you are using coconut oil that is safest and most natural for your newborn baby. Don’t just get any type of coconut oil without looking at both the label and the ingredients list.

This puts you at risk of getting coconut oil with additives, preservatives, or that has gone through a chemical process. You want your baby to have the most natural form, which means looking for raw, organic coconut oil that is virgin or extra virgin, and is unrefined, not refined. This will be the most natural coconut oil possible for your baby.

Be Careful With Diaper Rash

Coconut oil is often recommended to use on diaper rash, but you need to be careful. This is when using only organic, extra virgin coconut oil with nothing added comes in handy.

Only use a very small amount, and ask your pediatrician before you use it. They may have noticed negative reactions with coconut oil if you used it for other purposes, and may suggest you not use it.

If your baby’s doctor gives you the go-ahead, you can also make your own natural baby wipes with soft microfiber cloths and coconut oil to prevent the diaper rashes from forming in the first place.

Most babies can tolerate coconut oil with no trouble, but always test it first and ensure it is not too warm after you have melted it.

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Coconut Oil for Baby Massage

One of the best ways to use coconut oil on newborns is by massaging it into their skin. Once you’ve tested and gotten the go-ahead to use this healing oil on your baby, try using this oil to rub all over your baby’s body after bath time. 

This tender moment between you and your baby not only increases the bond but helps to aid digestion and circulation and can help with any teething pain your baby may be feeling.

Add the coconut oil baby massage to your bedtime routine as well as it soothe baby and helps them to relax and get ready to sleep. 

Coconut oil is also great for mom to refresh her own skin. Try one of these amazing Coconut Oil Face Masks as part of your at-home beauty routine.

Find this and more info on using coconut oil in holistic fashions in our book Heal Your Body with Coconut Oil

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