Gorgeous DIY Breastmilk Jewelry Kit

Breastmilk Jewelry is a thing! It’s a unique and very personal way to use your precious milk to commemorate one of the first bonding experiences with baby. Start building your own diy breast milk jewelry kit, we’ll show you how.

gorgeous diy breastmilk jewelry kit

Did you know that breastmilk jewelry exists? I know, you’re probably not even sure what breastfeeding jewelry is but rest assured, this isn’t a new thing. 

It is a super sentimental way to celebrate motherhood by actually saving some of your breastmilk and turning it into a breastmilk ring or even a breastfeeding necklace. 

Of course, you can also make your own DIY breastmilk jewelry making this process and keepsake even more special.

What is Breast Milk Jewelry?

Breast milk jewelry features intricate pieces with accent stones or pendants made from, you guessed it, your breast milk.

Your breastmilk is turned into beautiful pieces resembling pearls, opals and other precious stones and fitted as pendants and stones in rings, necklaces and other forms of precious jewelry. 

They can be quite pricey depending on the setting you choose. 

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How Do You Preserve Breast Milk

The jewelry maker will mix your breast milk with their unique mix of resin and chemicals to harden and preserve your milk, making it last long and keep its color.

This will also make it pliable so that they can shape into your desired centerpiece.

How to Preserve Breast Milk for Jewelry

Express your milk by hand or using a pump as you normally would. Ideally, you want to store your milk in an airtight breast milk bag such as these. If you’re sending it off to a jewelry maker or using it up later, your milk can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 5 days or in the freezer for up to one year.

Thaw your milk by placing its container in a bowl of warm water or leaving it in the refrigerator overnight. Never in a microwave.

You will be required to send to your chosen breast milk jewelry artists at least two ounces of breast milk for them to work with. This super trendy breastfeeding keepsake has some jewelers with wait-lists as long as a year, so start your research as soon as possible to get yours on time.

Of course, there’s no way of being 100% sure its your breast milk being used in the creation, therefore creative moms who love this idea have started to seek out DIY breastmilk jewelry kits. 

DIY Breastmilk Jewelry

DIY breastmilk jewelry kits are a great way to go if you want to make your own breast milk jewelry. This way, you can create something truly unique as well as ensure that it is your breast milk being used in the piece. 

This trend has become so popular that you can now find DIY breastmilk jewelry kits popping up on Amazon. You’ll get the jewelry pieces plus the necessary preservatives for your milk jewelry. 

If you’re a DIY mama, check out this piece. 

gorgeous diy breastmilk jewelry kit

This is a DIY breast milk jewelry kit available here on Amazon. Here’s another DIY kit that comes highly rated on Amazon:

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This gorgeous necklace was what another review used to place her prepared necklace inside. This pendant kept the cost low but still beautiful, the perfect keepsake. 

gorgeous diy breastmilk jewelry kit

You can get this necklace here

If you’re worried about doing it on your own, this artisan will turn your breastmilk into a pearl for you. 

diy breastmilk jewelry kit

One reviewer praised the artist who got his necklace out to him as a gift for his wife for their professionalism and artistry. They also got high marks for their quick shipping time. Contact them here for your custom piece.

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You can also create a breastmilk ring if that is more your style. 

gorgeous diy breastmilk jewelry kit

A breast milk ring would make a great gift for a mom. If you’re a mom yourself, what a special way to create a keepsake of your breastfeeding experience if you breastfed. 

It’s also a special way to memorialize baby if you suffered from loss and are now left with breastmilk with no baby. 

Will you be getting yourself some breastmilk jewelry?

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