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You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid Christmas T-Shirt Cricut Project

Whether you need a boost to get in the Christmas spirit, or just want a fun custom tee, this You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out DIY T-Shirt Iron-On design will be perfect! Use your Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 to recreate it with ease.

you'll shoot your eye out, kid christmas t-shirt diy - cricut maker + easypress 2

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Perhaps one of the most popular lines from a movie, “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid” is my main go-to quotes. I say it about pretty much anything, whether it makes sense or not. It’s just one of those things. It’s this time of year that brings it out, probably because I start watching A Christmas Story on Thanksgiving and don’t stop until the New Year. It’s the one surefire thing that will get me into the Christmas spirit. 

Because I love the quote it was only a matter of time until I used my Cricut Maker and EasyPress 2 to put the line on a t-shirt. I created a simple design in Cricut Design Space and got down to business. It was a very simple process this go around because I only used 3 colors of Iron-On vinyl. Also, I trimmed the weeded pieces down so that I could lay them down at the same time to apply them. 

Here’s how I made this You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid T-Shirt, and how you can make it too. Design t-shirts are a big thing at the moment and they would make a great Christmas gift for yourself or a family member.

SUPPLIES FOR The You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid Christmas T-Shirt DIY:

  • Cricut Cutting Machine 
  • Iron-on Vinyl (red, green, black)
  • Weeding Tool 
  • EasyPress 2 with Mat
  • Your Favorite Blank Shirt  
  • You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid design (click here to open in Design Space)


HOW TO MAKE The You’ll Shoot Your Eye Out, Kid Christmas T-Shirt DIY

you'll shoot your eye out, kid christmas t-shirt diy - cricut maker + easypress 2

First, open the design in Design Space and cut the layers (remember to mirror them!). To keep things simple, I like to pre-load my cutting mats with the vinyl I’m using so everything goes smoothly. It also helps to have a variety of differing grip cutting mats on hand, especially if you use multiple layers in your Cricut projects. 

Remember: Iron-On Vinyl should be placed shiny side down (unless otherwise noted) on the cutting mat.

Weed the layers and trim them down as close to the cutouts as possible, without cutting the vinyl. 

Now, preheat the EasyPress 2 according to the directions in the heat guide. Use the directions for the specific materials you’re using to determine when to remove the carrier sheet as well (warm, hot, or cold peel).

Place the shirt on the EasyPress mat and use the EasyPress 2 to remove any wrinkles. on both sides. Allow the shirt to cool.

The first layer should be the black glasses frame. Lay the words on the shirt and use them as a guide for where to position the glasses. Try to keep them as centered as possible. Remove the other layers and press the black glasses layer onto the shirt using the directions in the Heat Guide. 

Next, make any necessary adjustments to the EasyPress 2 and position the words, red glasses layer, and BB gun on the shirt. Use heat resistant tape to hold everything into place and press with the EasyPress 2 using the Heat Guide directions. 

That’s all there is to it! Pin this project for later and be sure to share with your friends. 

you'll shoot your eye out, kid christmas t-shirt diy - cricut maker + easypress 2


I have a lot more fun Cricut projects coming soon but in the meantime, check out these cool DIY Iron-On designs. Until next time, happy crafting!

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