7 Health and Beauty Tips for a Glowing End to Summer

There’s only about a month left in summer, but you still have plenty of time to soak up the sun and enjoy the best that the warm season has to offer. You’ve no doubt been living it up and looking your best so far, but now’s the time to make sure you finish your summer strong, healthy, beautiful, and glowing. Check out these seven important health and beauty tips to get a refresher on some serious health and beauty. 

7 health and beauty tips for a glowing end to summer
  1. Wear sunscreen. When you’re lounging by the pool all day, or chilling by the beach, you’re going to be exposing yourself to a whole lot of solar radiation. While some of that can be good (we all need vitamin D!), too much can cause a sunburn, and even potentially skin cancer. Remember to slather that good stuff all over your body before stepping out into the harmful sun’s rays!
  2. Eat your veggies. Your mom wasn’t kidding around when she said that eating vegetables was good for you – it absolutely is! Half of home beauty is making sure that you are giving your body the essential nutrients it needs to repair damaged skin, keep hair shiny, and teeth white. Eating leafy greens every day is a great way to keep all your body’s natural restorative processes working in tip top shape. 
  3. Try jogging a couple times a week. Once you’ve got that summer body, you’re going to want to keep it! Jogging a couple of times a week is a great way to keep your heart healthy. Plus, exercise can make you feel happier, healthier, and more energized throughout the day! What better way to hit the beach or the clubs in the evening than while feeling good about yourself, energized, and healthy!
  4. Change up your makeup game. Remember that as you tan throughout the summer, your old tone of foundation may no longer be the best choice for the new tone of your skin. Be sure you have on hand a few different liquid foundation colors to match whatever changes might happen during those long summer months of tanning on the beach or by the pool! Getting your eyebrows done, lash-extending mascara, and bright summery lipstick are also all great options for a fun-in-the-sun look that will no doubt turn heads.
  5. Try out some luxurious bath bombs. Nothing says glowing, healthy skin like a relaxing and nourishing dip in the bath. Step up your bath game by adding some bath bombs or bath oils to your evening soak. All-natural ingredients in many bath products can be great for softening dry skin, relieving irritation from sand and sun, and helping you feel calm and relaxed with their refreshing fruity scents. Who ever said treating yourself couldn’t be part of a health routine?
  6. Apply plenty of moisturized. Tanning all day under the hot sun can feel amazing, but it can also dry out your skin if you aren’t careful. One beauty tip I always recommend is that you apply plenty of moisturizer to your skin throughout the day. Your skin will feel softer, cleaner, healthier, and more ready for whatever fun you have planned!
  7. Drink, drink, drink! – water, that is. The number one health and beauty tip I can recommend is that you drink as much water as possible throughout the day, especially during those hotter summer months. Your body will naturally replenish your skin’s moisture, you just have to make sure that you’re drinking enough water to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Water, of course, also helps keep you from unhealthy conditions like heat stroke and dehydration. It’s easy to forget if you’re lounging all day by the pool with a margarita, but drinking water is incredibly important. Don’t forget it!
7 health and beauty tips for a glowing end to summer

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  1. Pleasant tips! These are easy and valuable tips which can afford a healthy looking lovely skin. I will keep all the advice in mind. Thanks and keep sharing.

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