Tiny House Organization – sponsored by Wayfair #SpringForward

tiny house organization - sponsored by wayfair #springforward

This post is sponsored by Wayfair

Moving from a full-size home to a tiny home, like an RV, has proven to be more work than I expected. Besides making the hard decisions of what to keep and what to ditch, I’ve had to get creative with space. The key to living in a tiny home is making every little bit of free space work for you. That means knowing a few good organizing secrets for the sake of sanity.

tiny house organization - sponsored by wayfair #springforward

Luckily, I was able to tackle a lot of my organization issue with the help of Wayfair. They have an incredible selection of products at the ready for organizing every room, nook, and cranny in your home. Let’s take a peek at what I’ve got going on so far.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Most RVs have plenty of cabinets but they’re usually just big empty spaces. It’s easy to miss out on precious storage space in these situations. I found a couple great storage and organizing solutions that are great for making use of every inch of cabinet space.

The 3 Tier Corner Shelving Rack by Simplify allows you to neatly organize plates and bowls. It fits snuggly in the corner so there’s no wasted space on the sides.

wayfair cabinet organization

The Straight Step Kitchen Shelving Rack puts the fun in functional. It’s cute and lets you organize all of your spices for easy access.

The Wayfair Basics 12″ Over-the-Cabinet Kitchen Storage Basket is great for keeping cleaning supplies out of sight but still within reach.

wayfair wall mount utensil and pot rack

I’m really loving the SteeL™ Wall Mounted Pot Rack by OXO. I don’t like keeping my frequently used utensils in drawers because I can never find them when I need them. I also don’t have the space to spare to keep them in my usual utensil caddy. This rack is perfect for keeping stuff like measuring spoons, pizza cutter, whisks, and more organized while looking great.

Closet Organization

wayfair closet organizer

The main bedroom in my RV has remarkably small closets. They’re super narrow but the 6 Compartment Hanging Organizer by Wayfair Basics fits perfectly. This gives me plenty of room to organize my jeans, pj’s, and accessories.

My favorite organizing and storage solution from Wayfair

While everything I’ve told you about so far is good, the Cubicals Shoe Storage Bench by ClosetMaid is great. It serves so many purposes, which is something I really, really like and multi-use products are imperative to tiny home living.

wayfair shoe bench

The directions for putting it together were easy to follow, and that’s saying a lot if you’ve ever bought an assembly required product. From start to finish it took about 20 minutes, do it myself. It’s sturdy and solid, and everything I could have hoped for. The cushioned top is great for pets to lounge on and for a convenient spot to sit and put your shoes on.

cubicals shoe storage bench by closetmaid

I paired the bench with two Cubeicals Fabric Storage Bin by ClosetMaid. I chose a lime green color because who doesn’t love that bright pop?! The bins are great for keeping pet toys and supplies organized and easily accessible. I keep a few of the fur kids’ favorites in the center cubby so they can get them whenever they want. I can’t wait until they start putting them away!

Life is definitely better when you’re not stressing over clutter. If you’re ready to get organized then head over and check out the awesome Organizing and Storage products available at Wayfair.

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