RV Remodel – And the Adventure Begins!

I’ve been super busy and just got busier taking on an RV remodel. It’s for the best though, because my house is a disaster!

When I started the remodel on my house last year, I wasn’t really prepared for everything I could find. Everything was fine at first, but once I started making progress things quickly went from fine to really, really bad. First, the foundation was falling. I don’t mean drooping, but falling. I could see the ground from the bathroom and my bedroom; the walls were separating from the floor.

Then a water pipe in the bathroom broke in half. I fixed that. Then it broke off inside the wall, so I capped it off. Then the water pump stopped working altogether. I’ve repeatedly tried to fix that. I found black mold in the walls. Snakes were coming into the house left and right because there are gaps and holes everywhere.

As I said, things got really, really bad.

It was clear that there was no renovation big enough to fix everything and cost less than rebuilding. So, rebuilding we are. In the meantime, there was a decision to make. What to do while the house is being demolished and rebuilt? I hate the idea of renting, I see it as essentially throwing money away. I’m also not a fan of living with other people, regardless of how temporary. The only thing that was even remotely sensible to me was buying an older travel trailer to use as a temporary shelter. Little did I know that I would fall in love and want to live the #RVLife full time.

There is a LOT of work that needs to be done in the RV remodel. The good news is that, for an older model RV, it has good bones. The foundation is good, there’s no water damage, and the electrical and plumbing work as they should.

Then there’s the bad news.

I’m no RV expert but I don’t think the water heater is supposed to look like this. This was one of the first big jobs, replacing the water heater. I’ve been shopping around and found some good resources, like this article that discusses the best tankless gas water heaters from iPropertyManagement. Tankless sounds so great compared to what’s going on now.

1993 shasta travel trailer rv remodel

The refrigerator doesn’t work. The water heater is all kinds of jacked up. I’m terrified of propane, so I haven’t even attempted to check the stove. The interior, while intact, is less than desirable and incredibly dated.

dated rv furniture

There’s an upside though! Everything that is wrong can easily be fixed with an RV remodel and for a lot less than it would cost if it were an average sized home. I won’t be completely gutting it, but I am taking out a lot of the unnecessary fixtures like the base cabinet in the living area, the bunks by the bathroom, and eventually replacing the bathtub with a shower to free up space for a washer dryer combo.

To maintain a healthy and environmentally friendly living space, it’s crucial to prioritize the use of non-toxic toilet paper in your RV, especially during travel.

1993 shasta travel trailer rv remodel

There’s a lot to be done, but I’m taking my time and enjoying the adventure. I can’t wait to share the RV remodel updates as they happen, along with any hiccups that come along with an RV makeover.

Do you have experience with an RV remodel?

I’d love to take a peek at what you’ve accomplished and am open to any advice to make the experience as smooth as possible.

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  1. I would like to follow your adventures where can I see everything your doing dis you post it any where

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