What the Frap? 10 Wacky Things Your Dog Does that Make You Say “Huh?”

Dogs are incredibly entertaining to have around, but some of their actions can leave you scratching your head in wonder. There is rarely just one possible cause behind a dog’s wacky behavior, but most do have common explanations. If your dog is doing crazy things, there may be a simple explanation. There could also be a cause for concern. The information below is not meant to replace a vet’s opinion. If you notice major changes in your dog you really should make an appointment with your veterinarian.

what the frap? 10 things your dog does that make you say "huh?"

Why does my dog try to dig into the floor, furniture, or my lap?

Have you noticed your dog trying to dig its way through the floor, furniture, or even your lap? Chloe does this often and it’s most often on the bed. There are a few reasons a dog will try to dig into non-diggable surfaces and they include:

  • A primal instinct to mark their territory using the glands in their paws. 
  • Boredom and/or excitability.
  • They are hot and trying to find a cool spot to sleep.
  • Trying to make the area more accommodating or softer for resting.

Why does my dog run around after pooping?

This was fairly new to me since I’ve never had to keep such a watchful eye on my big dogs while they’re outside. With Chloe being so tiny, I tend to hover around her to make sure she doesn’t get out of the yard, or  more importantly so that a larger animal doesn’t attack her. She’s almost fully housebroken now which means most of her number twos are done outside. 9 times out of 10, once she finishes her potty break she runs around for 20ish seconds, doing laps around her bathroom area. Why does she do this? It could be one of these reasons:

  • There’s an instant sensation of relief after going to the bathroom. Like a huge weight has been lifted. 
  • They are used to getting rewards for good potty behavior and are eager to get a treat.
  • They are trying to shake loose any leftover fecal matter.
  • They are marking their territory with the glands on their paws.

But regardless of the reason why a dog will run around pooping, the fact is it always leaves you with something to scoop. And this can become quite a headache, especially if you don’t have time or don’t stay at home often. Of course, you can do your best to house-train your dog, but that’s no guarantee that it won’t run around pooping anymore. Thankfully, you will find professional poop scoopers like Scoop Troop to ease your scooping frustration.

Why is my dog always trying to lick my face?

It may be cute the first or second time… when they’re puppies, but a dog who constantly licks you in the face can get annoying quick. This is a habit I try to stop as soon as it starts. A dog’s mouth is ridiculously gross, filled with all kinds of bacteria and germs, some that can even be passed on to people! If your dog is always trying to lick you in the face it could be because:

  • They are submitting to you, showing you that you are their master/parent.
  • Your skin is salty and they like the taste.
  • They are hungry and want what you’re eating. Puppies often lick their mother’s face in hopes of having them share the food they’re eating.
  • They are trying to groom you.

Why does my dog drag their butt across the ground/carpet?

It’s hard not to giggle when you see a dog scooting along on their bottom; it’s a cute sight. Once you find out what can cause a dog to drag their butt across the ground or floor you might not be laughing. Some reasons your dog may be dragging their butt are:

  • They have an itch or bite on their posterior. 
  • They have a worm infestation. This requires veterinarian attention.
  • They are trying to clean themselves after using the bathroom. 
  • Their anal sacs need to be attended to. This should be done regularly by a vet or groomer.

Why does my dog chew on everything?

Whether it’s shoes, furniture, or the house itself, a dog who is chewing on any and everything in sight can be frustrating. They’re not necessarily destructive, but if your dog is doing a lot of chewing it could be because:

  • They’re bored – try giving them new toys.
  • They’re missing vital nutrients – take note of what they’re eating and mention it to your vet
  • They hear or see critters (mice, squirrels, birds, etc…) and are trying to get to them.
  • If they’re a puppy, they could be teething
  • They’re upset about being left alone. If your pet is alone for extended periods, try hiring a dog walker or asking a friend to come over to play with them for an hour or so a day.
  • They’re anxious or afraid. 
  • They have PICA. If your dog often eats or tries to eat non-food items be sure to consult with your veterinarian

Why does my dog scratch even when there are no fleas?

We go to great lengths to make sure our dogs are free of fleas, ticks, and other chewing parasites. It’s disheartening to see them so miserable from itching, but sometimes it could be more than fleas and ticks cause our dog to itch. If you notice your dog is scratching a lot it could be because of:

  • Seasonal or nutritional allergies.
  • Environmental irritants. 
  • Yeast infections.
  • Mites (you can’t see them!)
  • A skin irritation like contact dermatitis.

Why does my dog zoom through the house at random hours?

Zoomies, FRAPS, or random bursts of energy – whatever you call it it happens with most dogs. If your dog seems to go from 0 to 100 in nanoseconds it could be because:

  • They have pent up energy. Make sure they are getting plenty of exercise and playtime during the day.
  • They are excited to go somewhere or see someone.
  • They see other pets playing and want to join in.

Why does my dog stop eating their usual food?

I’m always surprised by people’s reaction when they find out how much I spend on pet food. Between premade foods and ingredients for homemade dog food, my pet food budget sometimes surpasses my people food budget. I don’t mind it at all, but I do get frustrated when my dog stops eating her usual food. It’s not uncommon and could be because:

  • They’re bored with the usual food. Try adding different flavors of the same brand to the menu. 
  • They are sick.
  • The food dish isn’t clean. Food dishes should be clean for each meal, being sure to remove leftover particles from the previous meal.
  • They have dental problems.
  • They are anxious or afraid.
  • *If your dog goes more than a couple days without eating go to the vet ASAP. 

Why does my dog try to bury their food inside?

We’re all familiar with the concept of a dogs burying their bones outside. But, have you ever watched your dog try to bury their food inside? It’s the cutest thing watching Chloe drag an area rug over to her food bowl and hiding it. It caught me off guard the first few times, but now that I’ve noticed a habit I realize she does it for a few reasons. If your dog is trying to bury their food inside it could be because:

  • They don’t feel safe. Try feeding them in another room where they can be alone, or in a room where they’re not alone.
  • They want to save it for later. This is a primal canine instinct known as caching.
  • They would prefer something different. Chloe has been known to hide food she doesn’t like in hopes of getting something she does.
  • There is something wrong with the food. Maybe it’s stale or spoiled. If it goes more than a few hours without being eaten, throw it away.

Why does my dog paw the ground after they use the bathroom?

Bulls do it before they charge after a target, but why does your dog paw the ground after they use the bathroom? It could be because:

  • They are marking the area to claim their territory. 
  • They stepped in something and are cleaning their paws.
  • They are trying to cover the waste.

If your dog has wacky habits we’d love to hear about them. Leave a comment telling us about your pet.

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