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How To Make A Valentine Box

I have always been a fan of handmade gifts; I feel like when you make something you have no choice but to put your heart into it. To me, nothing says, “I care”, or, “I love you”, like a handcrafted present. Don’t get me wrong, store bought gifts can be great, as long as there’s thought put into them. Gift giving should be personal and should say something about both the gifter and the giftee. Valentine’s Day is one of the best days to give thoughtful gifts, especially if you’re trying to impress someone special. 

diy jewelry box valentine's day gift made with cricut makerOne of the most popular Valentine’s Day gifts, besides flowers and candy, is jewelry. I thought a DIY Jewelry Box would be a great gift this Valentine’s Day. It can be gifted as is or with a special piece of jewelry inside. Either way, the effort you put into making this DIY Jewelry Box will shine through. Don’t worry, it’s really easy to make with the Cricut Maker. All you have to do is cut, glue, iron-on, and gift! 

diy jewelry box valentine's day gift made with cricut maker

I made my DIY Jewelry Box with Chipboard, but you can use other materials as well. I made one with Kraft Board but that wasn’t as sturdy as the Chipboard. Other materials I used were Iron-On Vinyl, Wood Veneer, and Cricut Deluxe Paper. I also used the Knife Blade for cutting the Chipboard. 

diy jewelry box valentine's day gift made with cricut maker

One of my favorite things about this jewelry box is the hidden compartment. It’s perfect for keeping extra special pieces of jewelry, cash, and other small trinkets safe. 

The pieces to make the jewelry box are made to basically lock together. All you need to do is add hot glue to the nooks and crannies to keep it all together. It really is very easy to make this jewelry box, check it out. 

diy jewelry box valentine's day gift made with cricut maker

How to Make Valentine’s Day Gift

First things first, open up the Design Space file to start cutting the pieces to make the jewelry box. You can click here to get it. 

cricut design space layers

You’ll notice that there are duplicate shapes. This is because I use chipboard as the base for the jewelry box. Unfortunately, it’s not the most attractive material, so I cover it with Iron-On Vinyl and Deluxe Paper. I used Iron-On vinyl on the sides, front, and back of the jewelry box, as well as for the heart on the lid. I used Deluxe Paper for the interior lining. 

The duplicate pieces are for the vinyl and paper. They’re already separated by color, so you just need to be mindful before you load your mats. Make sure the settings are right for what you’re cutting. 

cricut design spaceI think it’s easier to cut the Iron-On vinyl and Deluxe paper first. They’re both quick and you won’t need to worry about swapping out blades repeatedly. To choose which mat is cut first just click on it before you load the mat. Since the Chipboard takes a while to cut you can have everything weeded and ready to go once it’s done cutting.

How to Iron-On with Chipboard

if you love the holidays and the classic movie, a christmas story, then you're going to love this easy christmas shirt i'm sharing today. be sure to check out the other cricut diy christmas shirt designs too!When everything is cut, you can add the Iron-On vinyl to the sides, front, and back pieces. The EasyPress 2 makes it ridiculously easy and quick.

Set the EasyPress to 315F and preheat the Chipboard for 5 seconds. Place the iron-on face down (liner side up) and press firmly for 30 seconds. Set aside and repeat for the remaining pieces. 

Once all of the pieces are done, the first piece should be cool to the touch (if not, wait until it is) and the liner can be slowly removed. Keep going until all liners are removed. 

Putting it All Together

Use tacky glue or Mod Podge to stick the Deluxe paper to the Chipboard on the interior pieces. Let dry. Use hot glue to securely fasten the side pieces to the bottom piece. Fit the risers into the slots on the bottom piece, gluing them into place. Let the glue dry. Fit the divider into the slots on the next tier (the one with the semi-circle cut out) and secure in place with hot glue. Allow that to dry. 

Add hot glue to the front and back edges of the box and place the front and back pieces on. Be sure the vinyl sides are facing out. Hold in place until the glue is dry (less than a minute). 

Glue the wood veneer to the remaining piece and set it on top of the box. Add glitter or other decorations if you wish and then you’re done. Congratulations on a job well done!

Be Bold

There’s no limit to how you can put your own personal touch to this fun DIY jewelry box project. Mix and match colors and patterns or even the materials you use. The sky is the limit and no matter what you choose it will be perfect because it was handcrafted with love. Looking for something to put in the jewelry box? Be sure to check out the DIY Faux Leather Necklace I made!

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