House Exterior Ideas Which Can Completely Change The Look Of Your Home

Are you looking for some cost-effective, simple exterior design ideas? If you are, then this blog post is exactly what you need!

There are many ways to improve the appearance of your home without having to invest in extensive renovations; think of small but impactful changes such as adding embellishments or a fresh lick of paint.

Discover all sorts of exterior focal points that you can easily change to transform the look of your house completely. Plenty of low-budget alterations will work wonders, from replacing windows and doors to fixing up flower beds.

So if you want an investment property transformation on just a shoestring budget – grab yourself a cup of tea, and begin exploring our different ideas below!

house exterior ideas which can completely change the look of your home

Get Creative With Color Schemes

The easiest way to transform your home is through a fresh coat of paint. The transformation ability that paint has is often underestimated.

Paint is a cost-effective way to transform a home completely. Rather than opting for a standard white, try experimenting with bold colors to make a statement. Individuals can also opt for two-tone painting with one characteristic bright color, with the rest painted in a more neutral complex.

This exemplifies an aspect of modernization while still maintaining that classic charm. Furthermore, if you’re feeling courageous, add unique or multiple colors on different parts of your home, such as doors or window trims—this adds another layer of personality that will no doubt attract attention.

Color schemes are like works of art, so take your time picking them carefully—if you need help, there are multiple resources online that can come in handy!

Refresh Your Entrance

Giving your exterior doors a refresh can be a surprisingly powerful way to change the overall look of your home without having to undertake extensive or expensive renovations.

Replacing exterior doors, or giving them a coat of paint, can make all the difference. Some people prefer a classic vintage look like French doors, and others enjoy something more modern like fiberglass or steel doors.

Find something that accentuates the appearance and atmosphere of your specific home. Entry doors can also be hung in different ways (e.g., pivot, hinged), allowing you to customize and tailor the design per your tastes.

Adding a new hardware package, such as door pulls and handles, is an additional way to modernize exterior entrance ways into your home.

Investing in some exterior lighting can also create visual interest and give your entrance an inviting charm both during the day and at night.

Enhance Windows & Shutters

Windows and shutters play an important part in the exterior of a home; they frame out the elements in view, and when adding texture, color, and style, the changes can be dramatic.

Enhancing these elements in your home can completely transform its appearance without having to undergo any major renovations.

Replacing worn window frames or shutters with ones made of vinyl or hardwood can add charm and increase energy efficiency. If you don’t want to replace them entirely, simply repainting or staining existing frames and shutters can give them a fresh look.

Add some curtains or sweet flower boxes outside each window for extra definition and style! Making enhancements to your windows and shutters is an easy way to switch up your home’s overall look while offering practical elements such as protection from weather and privacy.

house exterior ideas

Install Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting can be an easy and affordable way to increase your home’s curb appeal drastically. Outdoor lighting can create a warm atmosphere around your home, earning some envious stares from your neighbors.

Speaking of the deck, you could certainly give the one in your home a makeover without spending loads of money. Spruce up this outdoor area with weather-proof furniture, potted plants, and colorful beach umbrellas to give you and your guests shade while sitting on a lounge chair with a cold drink in hand.Stringing up some fairy lights could also make this place a peaceful and romantic spot at night and a great place to wine and dine beneath the stars.

Homeowners have impressive options for outdoor lighting: post lights, lanterns, landscaping lights, and many more. Not only do these fixtures create an inviting look at night, but they also offer functional benefits like security and navigational aids.

For a touch of personality, you can select LEDs in various colors to enhance the mood of your deck or lawn. With so many options available, installing some stylish outdoor lighting will surely provide the ‘wow’ factor for your home and help you stand out from your neighbors.

Update Your Mailbox 

An updated mailbox is an excellent way to give your home a stylish look without doing a renovation. You can repaint your current mailbox with a vibrant, glossy color like red to make it stand out in your neighborhood.

You can also always invest in a new mailbox. Any hardware shop will have new mailboxes for sale for a reasonable price, and they frequently come with simple-to-follow installation instructions.

Consider using a bright pop of color or picking out a unique design to make it stand out on your front lawn. Ensure you secure your mailbox in position with new screws so it won’t come loose during storms.

Then, you can have the exterior of your home looking brand new with something simple as replacing or revamping your mailbox.

Install Window Boxes For Greenery

Windows make a bold statement on the outside of a home, yet many need to remember them when it comes to improving the outside look of their house.

An inexpensive and simple method to improve your home’s exterior design is with window boxes. Whether you opt for wood or plastic planters, they can be painted to coordinate with any exterior paint.

Faux flowers can give color and texture year-round, while real plants bring texture, height, and pops of seasonal color. With minimal effort, window boxes can transform a dull facade or create symmetry and style in homes with plenty of windows.

Plus, they allow homeowners to showcase their gardening talents without adding extra time watering individual pots or edging flower beds multiple times per season.

Installing decorative window boxes is one simple solution to refreshing your outdoor space quickly and easily this season!

Amazingly, making a few minor adjustments can significantly impact how your house looks. For example, adding new exterior focal points will revitalize the appearance of your home, whether you choose to repaint it, replace the windows and shutters that are currently there, or make installations to improve curb appeal, like window boxes and outdoor lighting.

The best part is that these tasks are reasonably priced compared to extensive renovations. So make sure to do your homework and discover creative exterior design inspiration that fits your style and budget.

Then, you can give your house the ultimate modern appearance with the right planning and without going over budget!

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