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20 Theme Party Ideas to Choose from This Summer

An excellent party has a theme. Period. With so many Theme Party Ideas out there, we’re here to make the choice a little easier.

Choosing the right theme for your event can make or break the evening, so you should think twice before deciding on the subject around which you build an entire event. Consider your guests, their preferences, the location, and your budget when choosing a party theme.

theme party ideas

20 Fun and Creative Theme Party Ideas

After all, the purpose of having a party is for everyone to have fun and enjoy a relaxing evening.

Here are 20 popular theme party ideas that can help you delight your guests! They’re ideal for both adults and kids’ parties, being fun and easy to implement. Which one do you prefer?

Backyard Carnival

Sweet treats and small prizes make the backyard carnival bash an event for all ages, from the little ones to grown-ups. What do you need to organize such an event?

Depending on your budget, you can choose from:

  • Hot dog stand;
  • Popcorn bar;
  • Candy bar with cotton candy and treats;
  • A clown;
  • A fortune teller;
  • Bounce house;
  • Photo Corner with printable pops;
  • Tattoos;
  • Lemonade stand;
  • Balloon hats;
  • Carnival games –  knock down, ball toss, spinners, giant dice, sack races, balloons.

Mexican Party

This one is simple: pinatas for the kids and Margaritas for the grown-ups. Add some lovely printables, tasty Mexican food, and Mariachi music. Adding unique decorations to your Mexican party will certainly create a wow factor to your party. You can create personalized inflatables in the shapes of cacti, sombreros, and chili peppers. Hang streamers in the colors of the Mexican flag throughout the party space. Paper lanterns are also a great way to create a festive atmosphere.

Consider adding some personal touches by decorating them with images of traditional Mexican motifs such as sugar skulls. Whatever decorations you choose, be sure to create a party space that is bright, colorful, and guaranteed to get your guests into the celebratory spirit!

Everybody will love the fiesta!

Karaoke Party

karaoke theme party

If your friends like to sing (and your neighbors are on vacation), summer is the perfect time to organize a karaoke party.

Buy or rent a karaoke machine and sing the first song, to encourage your friends. Kids will have no problem to step in. For adults, make sure you have tasty snacks and plenty of drinks to maintain a relaxed atmosphere.

Make Your Own Pizza Party

Making pizza is fun at all ages. For such a party, you need pre-made pizza dough and plenty of topics — from mozzarella and tomato sauce to mushrooms and olives. You need a good oven to make things happen.

Breakfast Party

Who says we can only have breakfast in the morning? Everybody loves a good hotcake late in the evening.

A breakfast party is easy to organize: focus on good food and include french toast and pancakes for everyone. You may want to skip the coffee, though, and replace it with some fancy cocktails.

Game Night Party

Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, Clue, or any other board games your friends like. Add some pizza and ginger beer (or soda, for kids), and you’ll have an entertaining night.

Princess Party

princess theme party

The little girls’ favorite theme party can be a cute idea for all ages. Elegant invitations, decorations, and a tiara for every guest will turn an average evening into a glamorous event.

Star Wars Party

If you are not a real Jedi in your heart, then replace that with “Your Favourite Movie Party.” From invitations and decorations to drinks and star wars snacks, make everything about the movie. Easy as that.

Sports Party

Excellent for boys between 3 and 99, a sports party is an original way to spend a summer evening. From popcorn, hot dogs, and hot wings to boxing party decorations, anything related to sports is a good fit for your sports party.

Picnic Party

picnic theme party

It has the potential to become an excellent party if you take the time to build around this idea: baskets, blankets, balloons, colored plates, and glasses, to mention some elements.

Go for classic picnic Lunchables – salads, sandwiches, watermelon sticks, tarts, pies, or fruits on a stick. Add some fresh lemonade, and you have everything you need to cool a hot summer day.

Camp Party

Marshmallows, camping treats, and all other things that make remember your childhood. If you can add a campfire somewhere on the road, there’s no way you can fail with this theme.

Water Party

Sounds like a kids-only party? Grown-ups would enjoy some water, too you know? Just let everybody know what you’ve planned for the evening. Ask your guests to bring their bathing suits, and make sure you have plenty of towels and a couple of hair dryers.

Cocktail Party

cocktail theme party

Hire a bartender, buy some snacks, and invite your friends over. Enhance the evening with excellent music, and everybody will love the party.

The theme is easy to adapt for teenagers, with non-alcoholic beverages.

BBQ Party

The classic summer party is always a nice way to spend time with friends and family. Pasta salad, corn, sweet treats, they’re all great choices for your party.  You can learn new recipes for summer. Add some printables, decorations, and some entertaining activities, and you’re ready to go.

Trivia night

If your friends enjoy such an event, you must organize it sometime this summer. Make sure you have enough chairs for everyone, add some snacks and drinks, and prepare a lot of tricky questions.

To make things more interesting, keep a score and make sure you have some prizes for the winners.

Mad Scientist Party

Sounds insane? Because it is. A mad scientist party is an excellent way to entertain the little ones. But, with a bit of imagination, you can make this into an original party for adults.

A laboratory for drinks, crazy experiments with exotic ingredients, and even a special cake. There’s a lot to build around this idea.

Pirates Party

Everybody loves to dress up like pirates. From the youngest to the oldest, they’ll all enjoy the party. Add some pirate party supplies and a decorated buffet, and you’ll be ready to look for the hidden treasure.

Slumber Party

Sleepovers can be a real challenge, but if you organize everything ahead, you can have an excellent time with some close friends.

Make sure you have good comfort food and some treats, add some drinks, maybe a movie, and the evening will be a success. Two more tricks: sleeping bags, if you don’t have enough beds for everyone, and cozy breakfast for the day after.

Cowboys and Indians

cowboys and indians theme party

This theme party ideas has huge potential if you think about all the beautiful decorations you can use to create the Western atmosphere. Hats, toy guns, and whiskey will make a difference. When it comes to food, you can choose anything from hamburgers, ribs, corn, steak, smoked sausages, to mention some.

Pool Party

Another summer classic theme party ideas, it’s the perfect theme when you own a pool. Go for light and refreshing snacks, cocktails long drinks, and nice music. There’s no lousy side in a pool party.

When you take the time to organize a beautiful, funny, and entertaining event, your guests are more likely to enjoy the evening and have a great time, whether you host the party indoors or outdoors. Hopefully ou you found these theme party ideas helpful and are well on your way to planning your next party now!

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