How to Upcycle a Boat

Words will never be able to express just how much I love upcycling basically everything. There is such an amazing feeling that comes with taking something destined for the landfill and giving it an entirely new purpose. My step-mom is my hero when it comes to great ideas, and she blew me away when I saw what she and my step-brother were doing in the front yard. Are you ready for this?

They upcycled a boat and hung it from a tree! 

boat swing

Never in all of my years could I have imagined I would ever be saying that. But as hilarious as it is, it’s also pretty genius. The boat wasn’t exactly seaworthy; I’m pretty sure it sank once or twice! Having it sitting in the yard would be more of an eyesore than anything, and being a water-loving family, just getting rid of the boat wasn’t an option. 

There was a bit more to it than just rigging the boat with a rope and hanging it from the tree, but that was the beginning of it. They also made a gorgeous floor/seat that required a lot of measuring and cutting. No, that’s not a typo either. With the angle of the boat, there was a lot of cutting involved to get the slats perfect, and they are perfect. 

How Do You Upcycle a Boat and Hang a Boat in a Tree?

hanging boat in tree

Hanging a boat from a tree is easier than you may think. It takes some effort, but with a simple pulley system, the process isn’t overly challenging. First, you’ll want to make sure you have 4 rope cleats, heavy-duty eyelets, or something similar affixed to the boat. They should be evenly spaced so that the boat is even when hung. 

how to upcycle a boat
hanging boat in tree
boat turned into a  swing

Cut out an opening on one side of the boat. The size of the opening depends on personal preference. Add joists to the floor of the boat, and then measure and cut slats to create the floor. 

boat turned into a  swing

We found great outdoor throw pillows at Walmart for just $5 each, which were perfect. Some strategically placed buoys and a few hours later, we have this adorable upcycled swing in the yard. 

I love how unique this is and how easy it was to do. If you have an old boat lying around, then this idea may set you apart from your neighbors! 

What do you think of this DIY Upcycled Boat Project?

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