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What To Serve With Irish Stew: Easy Suggestions

What to serve with Irish stew: 10 Brilliant Suggestions

Irish stew is a sure favorite of mine. I remember visiting my grandfather (who has Irish lineage) and he would always have an Irish stew or homemade Irish meat and potato pie cooking in the oven.

Today I’ll be sharing my top 10 favorite dishes to serve alongside your Irish stew. They are all easy to make and will be sure to please any crowd, whether they are Irish or not!

If you need a fantastic Irish Stew Recipe Check out my favorite Instant Pot Guinness Stew. It’s a hot favorite in my family.

what to serve with irish stew

What Is Irish Stew?

Traditionally, Irish stew is made with lamb (or mutton), potatoes, carrots, onions, and parsley. The meat and vegetables are simmered in water or stock until they are fall-apart tender.

Nowadays, you’ll see recipes that call for beef, Guinness beer, and other variations but the basic ingredients remain the same.

st patrick's day instant pot guinness beef stew recipe

What is Irish stew called in Ireland?

The Irish name for Irish Stew is ballymaloeor or stobhach Gaelach.

Is Irish Stew Popular In Ireland?

Yes! In fact, it’s so popular that there is an annual Irish stew festival held in Tullamore, Ireland. The festival has been running since 1986 and celebrates the humble dish with live music and of course, plenty of Irish stew to go around.

Is Irish Stew Different To Beef Stew?

The answer is yes and no. Both stews use similar ingredients (beef, potatoes, carrots, onions) but the key difference is that traditional Irish stew uses lamb whereas beef stew uses, well, beef!

What To Serve With Irish Stew?

So now that we know what Irish stew is, let’s move on to the good stuff – side dishes that go with Irish Stew!

Side Dishes To Serve With Irish Stew

1. Mashed potatoes – A classic side dish that goes with just about anything. You can never go wrong with serving up a big bowl of mashed potatoes with your Irish stew.

Find a classic garlic and mash recipe and serve it with your Irish beef stew and some green onions for extra flavor.

2. Cabbage – Another classic side dish that is often served with Irish stews. You can steam or boil your cabbage and then add a dollop of butter on top.

Cabbage is super healthy and full of vitamins, so it’s a great option to serve alongside your guinness stew.

3. Carrots – Another great veggie side dish to serve with Irish stew. You can simply roast your carrots in the oven with some olive oil and salt and pepper. Or try steaming some gourmet carrots in the Instant Pot.

Or, for a more traditional Irish side dish, try boiling your carrots with some peas and potatoes.

4. Cornbread Dressing– This is a personal favorite of mine. I love cornbread stuffing and it goes so well with Irish stew. You can find my favorite recipe for Southern cornbread dressing here!

cornbread stuffing

5. Salad – A simple green salad is the perfect side dish to round out your meal. Try adding some cherry tomatoes, croutons, and your favorite dressing.

6. Biscuits – Another great side to serve with Irish stew. You can find my favorite recipe for buttermilk biscuits here. Serve them warm with some butter and honey.

7. Garlic bread – This is a must-have side dish for any stew fan. You can find my favorite recipe for garlic monkey bread here. It’s so easy to make and goes great with any stew.

8. Roasted potatoes – A delicious and easy side dish that goes great with Irish stew. Simply roast some baby potatoes in the oven with olive oil and your favorite seasonings. I like to add rosemary, thyme, and garlic.

9. Rice – This is a great side dish if you are looking for something different. You can cook your rice in the Instant Pot or on the stovetop. I like to add some peas and carrots to my rice for extra color and flavor.

10. Irish Soda Bread – This is a classic Irish side dish that goes great with Irish stew. You can find my favorite recipe for Irish soda bread here. It’s so easy to make and only requires a few ingredients.

irish soda bread with creamy irish butter on a wooden plate

I hope you enjoyed these 10 brilliant suggestions for what to serve with your Irish stew. I’m sure you’ll find the perfect side dish to complement your meal. And, as always, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to leave a comment below.

Happy Cooking!

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