DIY Mother’s Day Wish Bowl

This DIY Mothers Day gift is a great way to bring back the old adage, “It’s the thought that counts”. All you need are a few staples from the Dollar Store and you’re set.

As children, we were told “It’s the thought that counts” when it came to Mothers Day gifts. Those were the days of plaster handprints and homemade greeting cards. Now, there are hundreds, if not thousands, of products being marketed as “The Must-Have Mother’s Day Gift“.

diy mothers day gift wish bowl

What happened to the days of putting our all into a handmade gift? I know I miss those (and so does my bank account!) days and so, this year, I’ve decided to bring them back. I had a lot of fun making this DIY Mothers Day gift and can’t wait to give it to my mom for Mother’s Day.

What is a Wish Bowl?

diy mother's day wish bowl

A wish bowl is a bowl filled with the things you wish for someone. I’m using simple one-word sentiments for mine, but they can be anything. Whenever mom pulls one of the rocks out she’ll remember that is what you want for them.

How to Make the DIY Mothers Day Gift Wish Bowl
diy mother's day wish bowl

The best part of this craft is that most of the supplies can be picked up from the Dollar Store. You’ll need:

  • 1 medium sized glass fish bowl
  • 1 – 2 spools of raffia
  • Mod Podge (or other adhesive)
  • 5 – 8 garden rocks, polished
  • Paint in your choice of colors
  • Flat bottomed, dome top floral foam, big enough to wedge onto the fish bowl
  • embellishments
diy mother's day wish bowl
diy mother's day wish bowl

Dredge a string of raffia through Mod Podge (or other adhesive) and wrap around the fish bowl. Continue until the bowl is covered and coat with a layer of adhesive.

diy mother's day wish bowl

Paint over the raffia (I use spray paint) and allow it to dry.

diy mother's day wish bowl

Paint the rocks in your choice of color(s), let them dry, then use stickers or stencils to adorn them with inspirational words. You can also hand paint them if you choose. Add any other decor you’d like and coat with sealer.

Wedge the floral foam into the fishbowl, turning to create an indentation. Use contrasting paint on the foam and allow to dry. Adorn with your favorite embellishments.

diy mother's day wish bowl

Carefully place the rocks inside the bowl and put the lid on.

This DIY Mother’s Day gift Wish Bowl is a gorgeous gift that will show just how much you love and appreciate your mom this Mother’s Day!

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