How To Prepare Healthy Foods For Your Picky-Eating Children At Home?

Are you having trouble preparing food for your kids or even for all your loved ones who are so picky? These are various ideas to help you prepare delicious and healthy food for your family. They will surely finish what you made for them without knowing they are eating food with health benefits.

It might sound tricky for them, but it is for their good. A healthy lifestyle for picky eaters will slowly train them to choose healthy foods rather than unhealthy ones. These will surely be hard for you, but everything will be worth it. After all, health is wealth.

how to prepare healthy foods for your picky-eating children at home?

Be A Healthy Picky

These recipes for picky eaters are especially for them. Efforts and time are given just for them to enjoy and finish the portion of food that we prepare.

For us parents, the food we make and consume with our loved ones is one of the most important things above all, which is why we choose to prepare what they eat rather than have them buy it anywhere.

Pancakes With Apple Sauce

The majority of picky eaters will slowly learn to love pancakes. We prefer to enhance them by adding nourishment, but take it easy and one step at a time. If you add some fresh blueberries, your picky eater will probably go insane.

You want to slowly start and even out the texture before adding additional “healthy” ingredients. Applesauce works as intended. Mashed blueberries can also be one because there won’t be any pieces.

Bake Potato Skin

Most picky eaters like to eat crunchy food all the time. Although, you can have an alternative to the favorite chips that they love.

You can make homemade potato skins and bake them to make them crisp when they are about to be consumed. Potatoes are rich in iron, fiber, and other nutrients, so you don’t need to worry about what health benefits they have for the day.

Some picky eaters don’t like cheese, so instead of using cheese, try to brush it with a little bit of olive oil, and if your picky eater likes cheese, you can add a bit on top.

Apple Chips

Apples are the best fruit that a picky eater should have. Some picky eaters don’t like the taste of apples. That is why we will make some apple chips for them to eat nutritious food.

These apple chips’ appearance will trick a picky eater because they look like chips or junk food. You can also try this with other fruits like bananas, pineapple, blueberries, and strawberries.

Raw Veggies

Is this true? Can picky eaters eat raw veggies without complaining? Yes, raw veggies are usually the gateway for picky eaters’ kids.

You can start with the baby carrots and find something thinner. Although, if you can’t find a thin one, you can do the trick of cutting it into quarters.

Adding peas and cucumber is also a great idea when pairing the carrots. Celery, broccoli, and cauliflower are also best for this, and they might not recognize it because it has the natural crispiness when you consume it.

Homemade Chicken Nuggets

Every picky eater has their comfort food, but these nuggets will be their newest favorite on the list. You can add carrots to your chicken nugget recipe.

Just be sure to shred them and chop the chicken evenly so that the carrots combine very well.

Granola Bar

If your picky eater likes to eat sweet foods, this granola bar with a twist will always be on their list.

Make sure to put in the ingredients they are looking for, so instead of buying regular chocolate chips, try to buy dark chocolate as an alternative.

Carrot Cake Smoothie

It sounds healthy and boosts the immunity of picky eaters. If you make a carrot cake smoothie for your kids and ensure that it doesn’t have chunks, it should be smooth so that your picky eater will surely love it.

Many different vitamins and nutrients will surely get into this carrot cake smoothie.

Pumpkin Waffles

Waffles are best for breakfast, so before starting the day with your picky eaters, Make them a pumpkin waffle they will love.

Shred the pumpkin thoroughly so they might not notice that you added it to the waffle ingredients.

Kids Protein Powder

Depending on what foods your child is particularly picky about eating, you may be concerned that they are not getting enough protein in their diet.

Kiddie-friendly protein powder options are a great option and can be used in a variety of ways. They come in a range of yummy flavors, too, such as this vanilla protein ice cream flavor – packed with plant-based proteins, pre and probiotics, and a serving of veggies. These protein powders can be added to smoothies, yogurts, baked into muffins, blended into ice-cream, the possibilities are endless. 

Sharing Is Caring!

We all want our loved ones to be healthy, not just physically but also in all aspects. With the help of these healthy foods, we also help them to be productive in their daily routine and keep them healthy all the time.

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