5 Ways to Overcome the Fear of Trying New Foods

While parents are working towards getting their children to be less of picky eaters, you shouldn’t forget about the adults. We all have something we don’t like to eat. Whether it’s because of the texture, the taste or the smell, there are so many reasons why someone might not want to try new food. But just because you don’t like one food doesn’t mean you won’t like another. Many people have a fear of trying new foods. 

However, it is important to try new things in order to experience new flavours, textures, and other food items. It’s important to remember that our taste buds change as we get older, so keep an open mind and explore new flavours as often as possible! Here are five ways to overcome the fear of trying new foods.

5 ways to overcome the fear of trying new foods

1) Try a little bit at first

A lot of people are put off by trying new foods. The fear of not liking it is too great for them to even give it a try. But that’s not the only reason why people don’t want to try new things. People also don’t want to risk their health by eating something that might make them sick or allergic. But there are some tips and tricks you can use when you’re trying new foods so that you have a better chance of liking them and won’t be as afraid to try again in the future.

When trying new foods, it is always best to start with a small portion. This way, you can get a feel for the food’s flavour and texture before deciding whether you want to eat more. This could be trying free samples at the market, buying the smallest portion of something at the supermarket, or even maybe going out to eat and asking friends if you can try their food.

2) Start with something you know

One of the best ways to try new foods is by starting with something you know and like. This way, if you do not enjoy the new food, you will be able to determine whether or not it is just a personal preference or if it was a bad choice. This technique is also helpful when trying out new cuisines. If you are not sure what to order, start with something that seems familiar and then branch out from there. For example, if you love delicious crab meat then you could then choose something that incorporates that, such as crab cakes.

3) Eat with someone who you know will not judge you

The best way to try new foods is to eat with someone who you know will not judge you when trying new foods. At times, when going out to eat, people just don’t want to experiment due to others’ comments. So this could help.

4) Cook the food yourself first

Cooking is often a way to discover new flavours and combinations of ingredients. When cooking your own food, you are more likely to try new foods and be open to trying different flavours. This will help you know what the taste of the dish will be and also helps you in figuring out if you need to add more ingredients or not.

5) Limit your exposure by only eating out occasionally

When you are trying new foods, it is important to limit your exposure by only eating out occasionally. Eating out can be expensive and unhealthy. Having a balanced diet is important and not eating out too often. It sounds odd, but this can help; then, when you go out to eat, trying something new will feel like a treat.

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