How Your Garden Can Make Your Home Safer

How we design our garden determines how much protection and safety our home has. The more secure our gardens are, the safer our home will be. 

For instance, installing the right trees in the front garden will ensure that intruders have nowhere to hide. Similarly, sidegates and gravel pathways can deter an intruder as they will make an unexpected entrance obvious. 

make your home safer

On that note, here are some great ways to transform your garden so increase the safety of your home. 

Install a Secure Fence

If your garden does not have a fence, or features a broken fence, you should consider getting a secure one installed. 

Getting expert help with the supply and installation of fencing will ensure the best results. Yes, you can still have input into the colour, design, and more. However, expert fencers will ensure the best outcome and help make your garden look its best. All while making your garden much safer. 

Keep Your Front Garden Low

Keeping the bushes, trees, and fences in your front garden as low as possible will help to deter intruders. The lower obstacles are, the fewer places they have to hide.

Lower bushes and trees will also make your garden lower maintenance as you can routinely cut them back and not allow them to grow tall and out of hand.

Install Side Gates

You should never leave the side of your home exposed. If you lack a side gate, consider installing one as they are a great deterrent for intruders. If an intruder sees an exposed pathway, it will give them easy access to your back garden. If an intruder sees a gate, they will think twice about trying to enter your home. 

The side gate might set off an alarm or require a key/code to enter. Thus, an intruder will not be able to easily access your home. 

Security Lights

Another great way to safeguard your home through garden features is by installing security lights. These are typically automatic and turn on when someone passes by them within a certain distance. 

Should an intruder attempt to trespass on your lawn or attempt to jump over your side gate, the light will switch on. This is likely to deter them. Plus, it will make them easier to be seen by yourself or neighbours. 

Add Gravel to Your Driveway

If your home features a driveway, you should add gravel so that when someone walks towards your front door or side gate, the gravel will make a noise. Nobody will be able to walk across gravel without making a noise, not even an expert intruder. 

It is a cheap and easy way to enhance the security of your home and change your garden. You should consider lying gravel as opposed to grass if you lack a driveway. It is easier to maintain and much safer for your home. Consider adding some to your back garden too, should an intruder try to jump over your fence

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