How to Make Your Home Spa Feel Like a Resort Spa

Have you ever been on vacation and visited a resort hot tub that was absolutely stunning? If so, you know just how much more relaxed you can feel in a luxurious resort spa. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can make your at-home spa experience just as luxurious as any of the best resort spas that you have visited on your travels. Here are just a few ways to improve the ambiance of your spa.


Make it In-Ground

Most at-home hot tubs are above ground. It makes sense in a lot of cases to keep the hot tub above ground for maintenance and cleaning. However, if you want to make your spa look like those at a high-end resort, you’ll want to have it placed in the ground. An in-ground hot tub allows for a cleaner backyard aesthetic, and you are able to do more with landscaping without a large bulky tub in the way. With an in-ground spa, you can place stones around the tub and add flowers and other plants to give the area a very pretty view.

In-ground hot tubs are also easier to get in and out of, which makes them highly desirable to many people. However, if you have small children and animals around, be sure that you have a sturdy spa cover to prevent accidents.

Make it Look Fancy


One thing that really sets resort hot tubs apart is that they are beautiful. Often, the inside of a resort spa is adorned with tiles, stones, or vinyl liners in various colors, patterns, and designs. A normal above-ground home-hot tub will probably have a very basic interior. Upgrading to a more intricate interior can immediately give your spa a resort-worthy quality it would otherwise lack.

You can also focus some attention on the area around your hot tub. Some resorts feature beautiful waterfalls that flow into the hot tub. Waterfalls can be added to at-home spas as well. You could also include plants and flower beds around the spa to make the area just as beautiful as a resort spa.

Many homeowners are also considering larger spas in unique shapes. A large, unique spa instantly feels fancier, which is a key quality for a resort spa. You can also create a custom spa and pool area that is reminiscent of a five-star resort in your own backyard. You can include a fire pit, outdoor kitchen, garden, gazebo, and any other outdoor living items that you want.


When you think of a resort spa, you think of comfort and relaxation. There are a few spa accessories that you can add to your home spa to make it a bit more comfortable. Spa pillows and upgraded jets are just a couple of ways that you can increase the comfort in your spa. You may also want to consider adding umbrellas if you don’t have a lot of shade or seclusion in your backyard. Not only will this make things more comfortable, but it will also give you more privacy while you are using your spa.

Spa lights and speakers can add a lot more to your spa experience than you may believe. A little mood lighting and music can make the area even more relaxing than before. Plus, you could throw a great party around your spa as well.

Ventilation for Indoor Spas

Not all spas end up outdoors. If you have an indoor spa, the best thing you can do to make it feel more like being at a fancy resort is add proper ventilation. It is no surprise that spas give off a lot of heat and moisture. Steam buildup can make the room feel humid and hot, and it can lead to mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can smell like gasoline and cause illnesses to the people in your home. It is best to quell that by adding in a ventilation system that can handle the high levels of humidity.

Care for It Properly


Spas aren’t something that you can buy and ignore. They require a lot of maintenance to stay clean and pretty. The first thing you should do is make sure that you have the proper chemicals to keep the hot tub clean. Bromine and chlorine are both popular choices. Test strips will tell you when you need to add more chemicals to the water to keep it safe for use.

If you really want to keep dirt and debris out of your hot tub, you should invest in a spa cover. Not only will you be able to keep out bugs and leaves, but you likely won’t have to add chemicals into the tub nearly as often.

With these five tips, you can transform your at-home spa into a resort-worthy spa that will impress neighbors and guests for years to come.

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