Five Uses Of Trees To Benefit The Home

If you are looking for a really fast and easy way to improve your home, planting a tree or two is the ideal project for you. Choosing a tree, digging the hole and planting it should take you less than an hour. Today I’m sharing 5 uses of trees which can benefit your home and living environment. 

Use them to create more privacy


One of the problems of modern living is that it is hard to get away from everyone else and find a space in which you can truly relax. In theory, your home should be that place. In reality, many people’s houses and gardens are overlooked. If you have that problem, it is relatively easy to solve. All you need to do is to buy some Cypress Trees from The Tree Center, or somewhere that delivers to your area, and plant them as a hedge.

This variety of evergreen tree grows at around 5ft, every year. So, even if you buy relatively small ones within a year or two your yard will be transformed into a totally private space.

Trees can help to reduce your power bills

trees can help to reduce your power bills

Planting trees is a great way to shield your house from the worse of the weather. A row of the right variety can make a really good windbreak. You just need to be careful to buy the type that can withstand exposure to the wind. If the wind is kept away from your property, it will be far easier to keep it warm in the winter.

Trees can also be used to keep your home in the shade, during the warmer months. The rooms in your home will stay a few degrees cooler, so, potentially you will not have to use your air-conditioning as much.

Create a nice shady spot

create a nice shady spot

Of course, not everyone wants rooms in their home to be kept in shade. This is understandable because it also means that less light can get into the rooms. If you want to create shade without this disadvantage all you need to do is to plant the tree far enough away from your house. That way you will have a shady spot in your garden to enjoy without your home being left in shade too.

Benefit from cleaner air

benefit from cleaner air

Studies show that the temperature under a mature tree can be up to 10 degrees lower than it is when you are sitting under a manmade shade structure. Plus, of course, you will have the benefit of breathing in lovely clean air that has been naturally cleansed by the tree.

According to Dr Brunt, spending time outdoors in nature has benefits for mental health, sleep and reducing blood pressure. So what are you waiting for, go spend some time outdoors relaxing near the trees.

Add value to your home

add value to your home

Trees can make most properties look more attractive. People like to live around them. So, a nice healthy tree that is planted in the right place will definitely make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

Studies show that you can add up to 20% to the value of your home by adding a tree or two to your garden. Provided you plant the right type you can easily realize a return on your investment of around 200%. Plus, of course, you will be able to enjoy all of the benefits we mentioned above for as long as you decide to continue to live in your home.


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