5 Reasons Your Hotel Needs a Housekeeping Management Software

As a hotel owner, you already know that running a hotel is challenging. The entire experience is not as glamorous as the media portrays it to be in movies and television shows.

After all, the hospitality industry is one of the most demanding industries because your profits are directly related to making guests enjoy their experience, and ensuring that everyone is content and satisfied with your services seems like an impossible task. This is because every individual is unique, meaning they have different preferences. 

Since guests are the backbone of your business, you have to ensure every guest’s stay is enjoyable. But how do you achieve this? Some hotel owners might argue that offering every amenity and catering to every guest’s needs is the easiest way to accomplish this. But the most important factor affecting the overall experience for guests is something that’s often not considered as important – housekeeping. 

Think about it for a second. The hotel rooms are where guests will usually spend most of their time. Yes, they may go for a swim if you’ve got a pool or play golf if you’re offering this luxury, but the main aim would be a stress-free experience. Guests are more likely to have a better experience staying at your hotel if the rooms are cleaned daily, and fresh bedsheets are laid out every morning.

You can’t accomplish this without a competent housekeeping staff or a well-organized housekeeping service. 

hotel needs a housekeeping management software

Improving Your Hotel’s Housekeeping Service

Managing housekeeping operations is challenging since you must keep track of numerous aspects. As a result, most hotels have started using technology to assist them in this endeavor. Software such as Hostaway, when connected to ResortCleaning, can help you manage housekeeping and other aspects of your vacation rentals. One way you can use Hostaway integrations, for instance, is by connecting a guest’s reservations to ResortCleaning so that the housekeeping staff can be notified of when your guest is checking out and provide services accordingly. 

ResortCleaning is the number one housekeeping software for hotels and vacation rental companies and is the perfect tool for managing chaos and reducing the stress that accompanies housekeeping. It offers a complete suite of features that allows hotel owners to streamline their housekeeping and maintenance operations, allowing them to provide a better experience for guests. ResortCleaning also has a mobile and web application that hotel owners can use easily. 

How Hotels Benefit from Housekeeping Management Software

Here’s why your hotel needs housekeeping management software:

Streamline Operations and Make Them More Efficient

Hotels come in all sizes. For instance, boutique hotels generally have ten to hundred rooms. Meanwhile, larger, more luxurious hotels have hundreds or even thousands of rooms. According to statistics, the average hotel chain has 313 rooms per hotel in the United States. Similarly, smaller, more economical hotels have an average of 75 rooms. 

Cleaning 313 rooms per day is a monumental task and cannot be done by one person or even a small team. It requires a combined effort between a large housekeeping staff. However, a large housekeeping staff poses several problems. For instance, as a housekeeping staff manager, you must assign different rooms to every staff member to ensure no overlap occurs. Otherwise, time and effort will be wasted. You would have to schedule shifts successfully, manage room assignments, and track cleaning activities to ensure smooth housekeeping services. 

That’s an arduous task for any individual. Fortunately, that’s where a housekeeping management software solution proves useful. Such software solutions automate and centralize these tasks, eliminating manual processes. Staff members can use such software solutions to access and update information. It reduces the burden of strategizing, meaning less time is spent on administrative tasks. Instead, housekeeping staff can focus on doing what matters the most – providing top-notch cleaning services to guests. 

Boost Guest Satisfaction and Overall Experience

As previously mentioned, housekeeping directly affects guest satisfaction and their overall experience. Hotels want guests to have an excellent experience because they’ll be more likely to book stays with the hotel in the future. 

On the other hand, guests will become frustrated if housekeeping is lacking. No one wants to pay for a hotel stay and return to an uncleaned room. Moreover, it leaves a negative impression on the guest since it showcases that your hotel doesn’t care about providing guests with a clean and comfortable environment. 

A housekeeping management software solution ensures hotel rooms are cleaned and prepared timely. Furthermore, it can also help accommodate individual guest requests and complaints quickly. 

Prioritizing Tasks and Improving Efficiency 

Another reason to consider getting a housekeeping software solution is that it optimizes your housekeeping staff’s efficiency. Such software solutions save time, money, and effort because they reduce time spent on administrative tasks. These software solutions automate task assignments and schedules, meaning housekeeping staff can handle their workload more efficiently. In addition, such software programs also help prioritize tasks. For instance, your hotel’s housekeeping service might begin at 9 AM daily. However, a guest might want their room cleaned by 8:30 AM because they might be checking in early. A housekeeping management software program will prioritize this task and adjust staff members’ schedules accordingly. 

Similarly, these software solutions also give real-time updates on which rooms have been cleaned and which rooms need cleaning immediately, allowing staff members to focus their attention accordingly. 

Lower Costs and Wastage

Housekeeping is one of the highest costs for any hotel. Fortunately, using a housekeeping management software solution can help your hotel reduce labor costs and minimize inventory wastage, leading to better margins and lower operating expenses. 

As previously discussed, housekeeping management software programs automate administrative tasks and provide real-time updates, leading to a more efficient and productive housekeeping staff. 

But, more importantly, such software programs also assist with inventory management, preventing overstocking or understocking of essential housekeeping supplies, such as window cleaning solutions, floor wipes, liquid cleaners, etc. These software solutions also often provide analytical insights into areas where processes can be improved or cost-savings can be incurred.

Automated Task Assignments and Schedules

To err is human. Manually assigning tasks and creating staff schedules will eventually lead to errors. A housekeeping management software program reduces the likelihood of such errors by automating task assignments and schedules. It’ll consider which staff members are available, their existing workload, and room occupancy before assigning tasks and creating schedules. As a result, errors are less likely to occur. Therefore, investing in a housekeeping software solution can help your hotel improve productivity while saving time and money. 


A housekeeping software solution can greatly benefit your hotel, allowing you to provide guests with a more satisfactory experience. In addition, it can also reduce costs, optimize housekeeping staff’s efficiency, and streamline operations, leading to a better hotel stay for guests. 

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