15 Fun Activities for College Students

College life can be both challenging and complex, especially in these tough economic times. Most students are juggling tuition fees, work, family responsibilities, and social life simultaneously. It’s not surprising that most of them fail to graduate. As a teacher, it’s vital to introduce fun group activities into the classroom to give such learners some reprieve. Many studies have shown the significance of such interventions in learning outcomes. In this article, we explore 15 fun activities you can introduce into your campus and classroom with numerous positive advantages. We go further to explore five activities specifically designed for students’ wellness. Read one to understand.

fun activities for college students

5 Fun Activities for College Students on Campus

Most colleges in the country have expansive land areas that lie idle or rarely used. Imagine having a campus so huge that it’s featured in movies! That’s Berry College, Georgia for you. It occupies over 27,000 acres of land. And it’s not an isolated case. Many universities have large tracts of land that students can use for fun team building activities. Below are some popular options to consider:   

  • Movie screening. Films aren’t only interesting in theaters. With the right company and environment, you can have unimaginable fun watching a movie at night under the stars. You’ll need a top-quality projector and a big white screen – you can also use a well-painted wall. Make your setup in a safe and open space, probably on the campus lawn, and let the students enjoy the movie with some snacks.
  • Sports tournaments. Depending on your favorite sport, tournaments are amongst the best stress relief activities. For example, students or faculty members can arrange friendly basketball, soccer, or volleyball games with a few neighboring institutions where people fight for prizes. You can also do this internally by pitting learners from different courses, years of study, or hostels against each other.
  • Karaoke night. Nothing beats a karaoke night on a cold campus night. Well, this is only true if you can keep it simple, and not let elite singers hijack the event. Get a simple music system and a cool venue and invite your students to showcase their talents. From experience, we know that great karaoke nights aren’t about good singing, but a lively and welcoming atmosphere that allows even the least talented to try singing and have fun while at it.
  • Scavenger hunt. No campus is too small for a scavenger hunt. You only need to identify the right spots to hide treasures for your students to solve. Your students will enjoy this activity better if you group them in teams. The motivation to be on top will keep the game going.
  • Themed parties. Partying is an integral part of university life. While it’s unfortunate that some students get lost along the way because of excessive indulgence, having occasional fun is healthy for all learners. The student council or clubs can organize themed parties on campus, including Halloween, Christmas galas, and Chinese New Year festivals to celebrate diversity and inclusion.

5 Fun Class Activities for College Students

While the outdoors is the most suitable environment for most fun activities for college students, the classroom is equally good. Despite their restricted space, teachers and students can make the most of them and have serious fun. Below are a few class activities to consider:

  • Debate sessions. Debates are some of the oldest activities for improving classroom engagement. Philosophers such as Socrates and Aristotle often organized discussion sessions with their apprentices and local councils to share their opinions and insights. You can choose a relevant and engaging topic for your students to debate on. If you have any difficulty choosing a topic, you can consult trustworthy personal statement writing services such as CustomWritings. Their experts can generate relevant and exciting topics in minutes, and write a discussion guide for you. Their experience in academic essay services makes them an invaluable ally.
  • Role-playing. Teaching can sometimes be flat and uninteresting, making learners lose focus. Role-playing is a fun activity that can make your classroom more interactive and enjoyable. To be more impactful, let your students take on different unconventional roles to simulate real-life situations, e.g., garbagemen and security guards.
  • Quizzes. Competition is healthy for everyone. You can conduct a Q&A session during class time or online to stimulate your students. Consider timing the exercise or using buzzers to make it more interesting. Also, don’t forget to use unique, exciting, and relevant questions.
  • Group projects. Collaboration is vital for the individual and collective success of your students. Create projects that require your learners to work together as a team, e.g., voluminous writing activities like business plans. This will allow them to interact, share ideas, and learn from each other.
  • Motivators. Teachers can only go too far with their students. When you feel things are stale and your learners need a new perspective, it’s probably time to invite a professional guest speaker to talk to them. This will expand their knowledge and provide an opportunity for interaction and enjoyment.

5 Fun Wellness Activities for College Students

The overall well-being of a student is more important than their final grade in college. Therefore, educators must focus on holistic education. However, this is easier said than done. Nonetheless, we’ve listed a few wellness activities to consider incorporating into your routine.

  • Yoga: This is one of the most popular meditation techniques around. You can introduce it on campus to help your students relax, minimize stress, and improve their overall well-being.
  • Fitness challenges: Organize physical exercises like weight lifting, planks, push-ups, etc., during weekends or for 30 days and reward the most dedicated students.
  • Cooking contests: Plan cooking contests where students learn new recipes for preparing healthy and delicious meals. Reward students who spent the least money but still cooked tasty dishes.
  • Outdoor adventure: While the classroom is an ideal place to acquire knowledge, most learning happens outside of it. So, organize outdoor adventure trips like hiking and camping and encourage students to learn new skills.
  • Nature walk: Sometimes all you need is to walk in the forest and experience its calmness and soothing powers. Many people consider nature walking a form of therapy. With proper leadership, students can benefit from such activities tremendously.  

Meditate Your Way to Success!

As you’ve read above, there are numerous college readiness activities you can introduce on campus or in the classroom for students’ growth and development. They can help you improve engagement and focus, leading to better learning outcomes. However, as a seasoned educator, you must understand that the person is more important than their academic results. As such, you must help your students achieve the desired level of calmness and self-acceptance that only comes with meditation.

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