3 Practical Tips for Styling a Coffee Table

3 practical tips for styling a coffee table
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A well-styled coffee table can elevate your living room’s aesthetic and serve as a focal point, inviting conversations and creating a sense of balance. However, designing a tablescape that’s stylish, functional, and personal can be tricky. Have fun revamping your space with these three practical tips for styling a coffee table.

Select Decorative Accessories

Deciding on which items to display on your coffee table is a crucial aspect of styling. A clever blend of size, color, texture, and functionality can instantly transform your coffee table and, consequently, the entire room.

You can start by selecting a decorative tray or an artful stack of books as your base. Next, incorporate natural elements like plants, flowers, or a decorative bowl of fruits to add texture and softness. Furthermore, don’t forget the element of functionality by adding coasters, a tissue box, or a decorative storage box. Every element can complement the room’s style and contribute to its cohesion. For example, you can create your own DIY resin coasters with beach colors to emphasize a Caribbean design.

Arrange Items for Visual Balance

Once you have curated the objects that best reflect your style, arrange them harmoniously on the coffee table. The key here lies in creating a visual balance that grabs attention without appearing cluttered.

To achieve this balance, group items of varying heights, shapes, and sizes. For instance, place a tall candlestick or a flower vase next to a stack of books, followed by a shorter, wider object like a decorative bowl. Experiment with different arrangements until you feel satisfied with the overall composition.

Keep It Functional

Whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, a key practical tip for styling a coffee table is to preserve its functionality. Your design should leave enough open space for comfortable daily use, such as sipping on your morning coffee or enjoying the Friday night takeout. To maintain functionality, avoid overcrowding your coffee table. You should allocate no more than two-thirds of the table’s surface for styling, leaving the remaining third as functional space.

Selecting the right decorative accessories, arranging them to create visual balance, and preserving ample empty space will help you create a stylish coffee table that reflects your interests and tastes. We hope these tips help you style your ideal living room piece!

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