7 Easy Tips For Decluttering Your Kitchen

Unless you’re a hoarder, a messy living space is something we can all relate and contend with. Whether you live alone, with a roommate, or with your family, finding time to declutter and clean up are important responsibilities you should do.

7 easy tips for decluttering your kitchen

It is especially important to keep the kitchen clutter-free because it is where you make food. Since you use fire to cook, having piles of paper like mail and bills strewn around can be dangerous because it may start a fire. Make the most out of your kitchen, whether it be big or small with these tips:


Get Rid of Unused Appliances


If you like to cook or bake, there’s a good chance you have fancy appliances you barely use. These appliances are those things that you bought because it was touted to make cooking or baking easier. You hang it up, put it on the kitchen counter or visible shelf space in the hope of using them someday. Some good examples are ice cream maker, easy sushi maker, and veggie cutter.


They may look like they don’t take up a lot of space but they actually do. It will make a huge difference if you put them away and prioritize the appliances you do use every day. You can use to put them for storage or completely get rid of it.


Make Things Multi-Purpose


If you frequently bake or use tiny tools to make food in the kitchen, you may be one of those people whose kitchen counters are never neat. It may be a little difficult to find ways to put away the things you need since you use them almost every day.


So instead of putting your tools on the kitchen counter, use cake stands to neatly put them away instead. The beauty of these stands is that they can be multi-purpose; you can either use it for its intended use like displaying cake and pastries or use it to contain clutter.


Use Small Bins and Baskets


Small bins and baskets are economical, neat to look at, and they keep clutter away effectively. You can use them to sort and store snacks in your pantry or make the cutlery drawer more organized. They can be used to organize your different spice bottles in case you don’t have a rack for them yet.


Collate Cookbooks


Cookbooks take some space on the shelf and if you have more than a couple of them, you could probably donate those you’re no longer using. If you have favorite recipes from some of them, consider writing it down than keeping the whole book. The same could be done for recipe magazines.


If you want to combine all of the recipes you’ve tested and tried, you can put them together in a custom cookbook or photobook. You can add pictures of the final products and even add your family’s secret recipes as well.


Assess Plasticware


Food waste is a problem in our society and one of the ways you can save leftovers to eat for later is to store them in reusable plasticware. There is a lot of appeal to them because you can use them for meal-preps and to-go foods but it can be a problem if there’s too much of them in your kitchen.


Consider assessing the plastic containers you have in your possession and recycling some of them for other things. This way, you can use them in other parts of the house and you declutter your plasticware collection as well.


Get a Grinder Pump


If you don’t have a grinder pump already, you should consider getting one. If you regularly use the kitchen then you deal with a lot of tiny food scraps that gets inside the kitchen sink and it can accumulate over time and this adds to miscellaneous stuff that gets flushed down the drain and toilets all over the house. A built-in garbage disposal helps but most of the time it is only for the kitchen.


If you want a household garbage disposal, consider getting a grinder pump. It will help grind up small particles via a fast rotating cutting blade. The cut down small particles turn to liquid and make it easier to discharge to the public sewer system.


Make a System


You should always clean and declutter your kitchen but it helps if you have a system that makes cleaning and organization better. If you live with other people, enforce some rules that can help keep the kitchen spic and span. Throwing out garbage properly, cleaning dishes after every use, and throwing out spoiled food and condiments are just some of the things you can do.


What are your tips when it comes to keeping the kitchen decluttered and neat? Share your secrets below.

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