RV Kitchen Facelift with Crystiles Subway Tiles

Because the kitchen is basically the most used room in my home, I figured my RV kitchen would be in need of the most attention. After a few disasters and a lot of disappointment, I needed a break from the meticulous kitchen remodel. Crystiles helped me get a new look in my RV kitchen for a fraction of the time and price of a major kitchen remodel. I received tiles in exchange for my opinion, so here’s how it all went down.

rv kitchen facelift with crystiles subway tiles

Getting my Crystiles Subway tiles put up was a pretty simple process once I got a feel for the installation. The first thing I did was wipe the walls down with a degreaser and let them air dry overnight.

rv kitchen before

The RV kitchen before Crystiles

Looking back, I wish I had started applying the peel and stick tiles somewhere in the middle instead of against the edge. I stressed a bit getting things to fit right, and even did some overlapping because I wasn’t overly comfortable with cutting the tiles yet. I actually like how the overlapped tiles give a 3D look so I’m keeping them like it. It also gives just the right amount of imperfection.

rv kitchen facelift with crystiles subway tiles

Once I realized I could cut the Crystiles before I put them up things went a lot smoother. I found that splitting the sheets into 3, 2 rows of tile each, was the easiest to work with. My Xacto knife did a great job at cutting the tiles, although I did have to use more pressure than if I was just cutting paper. The tile is thick and quality-made.

After I started cutting the tile, the installation process sped up and I was done within 30 minutes. It would have been sooner but there was some maneuvering around sockets and corners that I had to be precise with.

rv kitchen facelift with crystiles subway tiles
rv kitchen facelift with crystiles subway tiles

To say that Crystiles completely transformed my kitchen is an understatement. Even with so much more work to do, I am beyond thrilled with the results. It doesn’t even feel like a tiny RV kitchen anymore. It feels like a place where friends and family can gather and enjoy time together.

rv kitchen facelift with crystiles subway tiles

Crystiles has many tile styles available, are easy to install, and there’s no mess to clean up afterwards! If you’re ready for a new look but not ready for the work it requires, Crystiles is a great choice. The best part is that even if you’re renting, you can use Crystiles. The tiles are removeable and leave no residue or damage behind!

Head over to the Crystiles website to find the tile that’s perfect for your kitchen makeover.

crystiles kitchen makeover

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