Drink Your Way Through Como: 5 Best Wine Tours and Tastings

Breathe in deeply because Como is more than just a feast for the eyes. With its vibrant vineyards, historic cellars, and world-renowned vino, this charming Italian city is a sensory delight.

Situated near the Swiss border, the cool climate and unique soil lend themselves to the production of truly unique wines — full-bodied reds and delicate whites that captivate the palate. Prepare to uncork the best wine experiences Como has to offer. 

To help you sip and savor nothing but the best, we’ve curated an enticing list of the city’s top wine tours and tastings, as well as some tips on making the most out of your trip.

drink your way through como

Planning Your Trip to Como

Whether you’re a seasoned sommelier or a budding wine enthusiast, timing is key when planning a wine trip to Como. The city’s wine harvest season — typically between September and October — is rich with festivals, harvest celebrations, and, of course, an abundance of wine. If you’re all about the wines, you might want to time your visit around this period. 

Packing light is a surefire way to enhance your Como wine experience. It allows you to hop from one winery to another without the encumbrance of hefty luggage.

If packing light isn’t for you, there are options for luggage storage Como, which is a game-changer if you only visit Como to taste wine for the day. These services provide secure spots to store your belongings, liberating you from lugging around unnecessary weight.

Immerse Yourself in the Como Wine Culture

There’s a sense of authenticity and tradition in Como that’s woven into every drop of wine. The vineyards, passed down through generations, are a testament to the city’s enduring love for viticulture. Wine in Como is about the culture, the tradition, and the camaraderie it fosters — and the delicious wine, of course.

Nebbiolo, Moscato, and Merlot are just some of the grape varieties that thrive in Como’s vineyards. Each has its own story and flavor profile, and together, they form the tapestry of Como’s wine landscape. 

Wine tasting in Como is a cultural journey through centuries-old traditions and timeless tastes. If you’re ready to start tasting everything Como’s wine has to offer, let’s start the tour.

Top 5 Wine Tours and Tastings in Como

Nothing says “wine adventure” quite like exploring the vineyards and cellars of Como. Whether you’re after a grand tour or an intimate tasting, there’s a pour for every palate. 

1. Cantina Follie 

Nestled in the heart of Como, this cozy cellar offers an array of local wines accompanied by tasty tapas. The sommelier-guided tastings offer a deep dive into Como’s wine landscape.

2. Azienda Agricola Sorsasso

This enchanting family-run vineyard perched atop Domaso Hill offers tours that encapsulate the essence of Como’s wine culture. Its tastings feature both their renowned reds and subtle whites.

3. Pietro Gallus Estate

Located in the charming village of Moltrasio, this estate offers immersive experiences, including a tour of their vineyards, a visit to the cellars, and a wine-tasting guided by expert sommeliers.

4. La Vigna di Sarah

Set in the hills of Vittorio Veneto, this winery offers a unique sunrise tasting experience, where guests can savor the flavors of Prosecco Superiore DOCG as day breaks.

5. Dirupi Winery

A boutique winery in Valtellina, just north of Como. They produce exquisite Nebbiolo wines, and visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of terraced vineyards during their tasting.

Each of these wine experiences offers something unique, from captivating stories and beautiful views to exquisite wines that speak of Como’s rich viticulture.

Wine Tasting Tips for Beginners

If this is your first wine tour, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed … and excited! But don’t fret — there’s no wrong way to enjoy wine. Here are a few tips to enhance your experience:

1. Look, Smell, Taste

Take a moment to observe the wine’s color and clarity. Swirl it gently to release the aroma. Take a sniff, then take a sip. Let it roll around your tongue before you swallow. 

2. Trust Your Palate

While wine experts can provide insight, remember that taste is subjective. If you enjoy the wine, that’s what truly matters.

3. Ask Questions

Wine producers love sharing their knowledge. Don’t hesitate to ask about the winemaking process, the grape varieties, or their favorite pairing suggestions.

4. Take Notes

Jot down the names of the wines you loved, what you enjoyed about them, or any interesting facts you learned. This will make it easier to find these wines later.

drink your way through como

Get To Know Como Through Its Wines

From its breathtaking vineyards to its historic cellars, Como is a true paradise for wine lovers. Get ready to clink glasses, make memories, and raise a toast to the captivating wines of Como. Salute!

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