What to Look for in Travel Luggage: 7 Important Features for Convenience and Reliability

So, you’re getting ready for a big vacation and you need the perfect travel luggage for your trip. Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Today, we are going to discuss 7 important features of luggage for convenience and reliability.

We will address everything from suitcases with a lightweight design and comfortable handles to the necessity of luggage with wheels, lots of pockets, and durable zips. Finally, for the safety of your items, it can be a great idea to get locking luggage and waterproof luggage. Stay with us as we explore each of these features individually.

important features for convenience and reliability

1. Lightweight Design

When you are traveling away from home and you’ve packed the essentials and maybe even a few additional items for your trip, you can quickly find that you are burdened with a heavy, cumbersome bag that is hard to move around.

So, when you’re buying luggage for international adventures, it is worth considering the weight of the bag itself. Some luggage is already heavy and awkward to carry before it even has any clothes in it. Try to narrow down your search to just well-designed, lightweight, and convenient luggage that will not feel like a huge weight on your shoulders.

2. Comfortable Handles

This brings us to our next point – if your bag is one that you put on your back, shoulders, across your body, or on your arms, you need to make sure it is comfortable, well-balanced, and well-designed.

The last thing you want is a bag that immediately causes neck, shoulder, or back pain. If your luggage has a long handle for pulling it along on wheels, make sure the handle looks durable and comfortable to hold as well. You want your trip to be as easy as possible, so why choose a bag that isn’t comfortable?

3. Wheels

Can you believe there was a time when luggage did not come with wheels? The idea to us now of dragging a trunk around or having to use a wheelbarrow to move our bags is almost beyond comprehension.

Nowadays, wheels on a suitcase are a must-have and a total game changer in terms of travel convenience. But this consideration goes beyond the presence of wheels on your bag – you should also establish that they are good quality, reliable, and durable wheels.

Look for wheels with metal components, rather than soft plastic wheels that soon become warped and broken.

4. A Lot of Pockets

Another great feature of luggage in terms of convenience is pockets – lots of pockets. When you need a special place for all of your underwear, medications, toiletries, documents, technology, and so on, pockets in luggage are your best friend. They are a great way to keep organized and ensure everything has a logical place.

Just make sure not to keep anything like your passport, money, and expensive or breakable technology in your checked luggage, even if it has pockets just the right size. These items should be kept with you at all times to avoid losing or breaking them.

5. Durable Zips

Another awesome feature of any reliable and convenient luggage is great zips. Durability and reliability go hand-in-hand, and when you are packing a very full case, you need to be able to trust that your luggage is up to the job. You don’t want to find that your luggage has burst open or won’t shut properly mid-journey.

6. A Lock

If you have valuables in your bag or you are staying in a hostel, a lock can also be a great feature on a bag. The only thing to bear in mind with locked luggage is that if someone is looking to steal expensive items, they may be more likely to target a locked bag, so you have to weigh up the pros and cons of this feature and make sure you use a lock only in environments where it won’t draw attention – like a shared dormitory where everyone has locks.

7. Waterproof Material

Finally, if you are traveling somewhere during a rainy season or somewhere with a generally rainy climate, waterproof luggage can be essential. If you don’t have waterproof bags, at least make sure all of your clothes are packed inside plastic bags in your luggage. Have a great time on vacation and don’t forget to keep your camera dry so you can take a lot of holiday snaps!

important features for convenience and reliability

As you can see, there are a lot of important features to consider when it comes to choosing reliable and convenient travel luggage. For one thing, you need to ensure that your bags are lightweight, comfortable to hold, and easy to maneuver with wheels.

On top of that, it helps to have a lot of handy pockets, as well as durable zips, and even a lock to keep your personal items safe. When traveling anywhere rainy, a waterproof design is also a huge asset. Keep these factors in mind when choosing your travel luggage. 

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