The Healing Power of Nature: 6 Travel Adventure Ideas to Consider

Nature existed long before we existed and even if we are gone, nature will still preserve. The only question for when that happens is how and what kind of new animals and plants will arise. How will the extremophilic microorganisms shape the further evolution of life?

We can only know this after rich people and big corporations destroy the planet for their own greed. The situation is very dire, but the big corpos really do not want us to be aware of these facts.

Until that point, we still have some time to enjoy the nature we have right now and admire it. We were made to coexist with nature and we feel alive around nature.

The lucky ones that can afford to take on these adventures should always take the chance and do it. There is a lot more to this world than just earning money and trying to fulfill certain social quotas. With these 6 travel ideas, you will experience the healing power of nature.

the healing power of nature

Niagara waterfalls

Niagara waterfalls are probably the most iconic waterfalls in the world, for a lot of good reasons. Getting the Maid of the Mist tickets to see the waterfalls up close is an experience you will never forget. This guided tour will let you experience the beauty of the waterfalls to its fullest while also sharing a lot of interesting facts about them. Seeing pictures of these waterfalls online and experiencing them live are two completely different things.

Central Asian grasslands

When people think about Asia, they usually think about all the countries that are close to the water. However, central Asia has its own charm that not a lot of people know about. These vast and flat fields of grass surrounded by mountains are truly gorgeous.

People in these regions are pretty chill and they are wonderful to talk to. Even though this region does not have any flashy tourist attractions, it can offer something far greater than that. It can offer true peace for your mind and the body, and the locals know this.

Balkan mountains

Another destination that people usually do not talk about is the Balkan mountains. If you truly want to visit a region that is not usually mentioned, the Balkans are the place to be. People usually associate these countries with violence and view people as quite primitive. 

Yet, this is nothing more than just misrepresentation spread by propaganda to make the region look like it needs third-party intervention. The true beauty of the Balkans comes from the nature unique to this region and the kind people.

Mediterranean sea

Cruising the Mediterranean Sea is something you should experience at least once in your life. This is because you can see a lot of different areas with so many different cultures and natural beauty. Whether it is the French Riviera, Italian coast cities, or the deserts of Africa, you can see it all. There are a lot of beautiful gems and experiencing this sea is a different story. Just imagine all the people that sailed this sea in the past thousands of years.

Arches national park

If you are looking for an area that is more sandy and fit for the summer, Arches national park is the place to be. It is full of beautiful arches that are a pure product of nature, hence the name. Nighttime is even more beautiful in this national park due to a lack of light pollution.

You can see so many stars that light up the sky and just enjoy the moment. The silence, the fresh air, the stars, they will heal you. Just imagine that scene, no one else is there, except for you and the person you hold dear in this beautiful nature.


If you want to chill out in a literal way and see natural beauty, Iceland is for you. A small country with a small population, yet with unyielding beauty lit up by the northern lights.

This lone island will truly give you the feeling that you are isolated from the rest of the world. Sometimes, we need to feel this isolation and feel what’s truly important in this life. Only then can we feel truly healed and continue moving forward.

the healing power of nature

These are just 6 ideas you should consider if you want to experience the healing power of nature. There are many more places you can visit to experience this, but these 6 are special in their own way.

The reason why these were chosen over others is that people rarely talk about these hidden gems of nature. With this new knowledge, you can now find something truly rare and have your moment of bliss in nature.

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