National Food And Gift Shops In Britain

Russian, Ukrainian and Polish shops in Britain are a very cool place. In these shops you can find different products or souvenirs from these countries.

national food and gift shops in britain

What about Ukrainian shops?

Well here too everything is clear, you can buy here folk Ukrainian vyshivanka, famous Ukrainian candy factory Roshen, toy characters from your favourite cartoons, now for example in the trend Mavka.

What do they sell in Russian shops?

For example, in a Russian shop in the UK you can buy canned food, dumplings, caviar and much more. You can also buy a Russian matryoshka doll or Masha and the Bear from the cartoon of the same name.

What will I find in a Polish shop?

In the Polish shop you’ll find just about everything from Polish cosmetics by Ziaja and Pani Walewska to posters and magnets featuring Polish landmarks.

Will I find alcohol in a Polish shop?

Yes of course you will find alcohol in a Polish shop, here we will describe the most popular alcoholic beverages from Poland that you can buy in such shops: Duch Puszczy, Deptucha, Piwo kozicowe, Miodula, Żubrówka, Starka.

  • “Duch Puszczy” is a strong moonshine with a strength of 50%, made in the Podlasie Voivodeship in Poland. Many companies have registered their brands in order to offer it legally.
  • A traditional nalewka made from goat’s milk, known as “Deptucha”, with fruit and alcohol, has become a certified regional product thanks to Kamila and Marcin Wojnowski from Sedlisko, reviving an old tradition from the 18th century.
  • Miodula, also known as medunka, is a honey-flavoured vodka produced in the southern parts of Cieszyn Silesia. The recipe is simple: honey, water and alcohol are mixed and matured. Cinnamon, vanilla or cloves can be added. Ready-made variants such as Miodula Staropolska or Miodula Prezydencka are also available.
  • Żubrówka is a famous Polish drink containing the leaf of the bison, a plant eaten by bison in the Białowieża Forest. This drink, also known as vodka made from “bison grass”, began to be produced in the 16th century and gained popularity. Nowadays, Poles often consume it by mixing it with apple juice and calling the drink “charlotte”. “Zubrowka” also inspires artists, including Wes Anderson, who used the name in the film “The Grand Budapest Hotel.”

What can I buy my children in a Polish shop?

For children, you can buy toy characters from iconic Polish cartoons, such as Bolek i Lolek cartoon characters. And many national Polish sweets “Prince polo” and “Princessa” and unusual warm ice-cream.


In any case, going to a shop with national products from your home country is a fun adventure for the whole family and of course a place to feel at home in Britain for a few minutes. You can find these shops at This site also helps expatriates find jobs and accommodation.

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