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DIY Snow Globe – Dollar Tree Craft

dollar tree dry snow globe craft

One of the most magical things to do during the holidays is shaking a snow globe. You get to watch an entire world spring to life, you get to make an entire world spring to life. The downside to snow globes is that if they break they leave a big mess behind. That’s why this year I’m making these DIY dry snow globes using materials from Dollar Tree.

Here’s how I made this DIY Dry Snow Globe, and the materials I used.


  • 1 glass jar with lid
  • 1 package styrofoam floral balls in various sizes
  • gold & silver glitter
  • mini pom poms (black)
  • 1 pipe cleaner (orange)
  • black construction paper
  • raffia and burlap scraps
  • black marker

dollar tree dry snow globe craftI started by gluing 3 styrofoam balls together to make the snowmen. From there, I used the black pom poms to make “buttons” by gluing them on the middle ball. I trimmed down the bottom ball to make it sit flat and to make sure it fit into the lid of the jar.

Next, I cut small bits of orange pipe cleaner to make the noses and used markers to create the eyes and the mouths. I used the scraps of burlap and raffia pieces to make scarves, and black construction paper to make little hats. Then I trimmed the hats with glitter glue, just to give them a little pop of color.

After I glued the snowmen to the jar lid I added gold and silver glitter. I screwed the lid onto the top, added some festive ribbon, and that was it.

dollar tree dry snow globe craft
With just a little shake, this magical world comes to life all without the risk of a wet mess! Head to your local Dollar Tree to get everything you need to make this DIY Dry Snow Globe and more fun festive holiday crafts.

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