Simple Steps To Protect Your Wooden Dining Table

You don’t realise this until you start shopping for them, but dining tables are super expensive especially if you want a high-quality wooden one – which is recommended as some of the cheaper options tend to deteriorate pretty quickly. 

A lovely dining table can be the centrepiece of a kitchen or dining area, as well as being somewhere for the family to get together. It becomes more than just a piece of furniture. As such, you want to protect such a fine investment. Ideally, this is a table that will stay with you for years, decades perhaps. Back in the day, you could buy a wooden dining table that would literally last for 20 or 30 years with no issues at all. Call me a sceptic, but it feels like the build quality of everything has decreased as the years go by. 

Regardless, you want to keep your wooden table in the best possible condition. With regular use, this can be challenging. So, here are some simple steps to help you protect it: 

simple steps to protect your wooden dining table

Cover your table when you use it

Obviously, you want to see the beauty of this wooden dining table as much as possible. But, when people are using it to eat dinner, it makes so much sense to cover the top surface. 

Why? Because you or your children could spill things on the table that lead to stains that you cannot get out. Covering the table with a tablecloth is such a simple and easy way to prevent this, protecting the wood. Don’t worry, you can find really nice tablecloths and other tableware from brands like Richard Haworth. While you’re unable to see the true beauty of the table as you eat, you can at least have a pretty tablecloth that makes the setting look nice. 

Avoid placing hot things on the table

Don’t put anything piping hot directly on the table. In fact, you should avoid placing hot things on your table even if you have a tablecloth covering it. Yes, a tablecloth protects the table from spills, but it doesn’t provide heat protection. It does a little bit to take some of the heat away, but you can still easily burn the wood if you put a piping hot pan directly on top. 

Instead, you can find all sorts of heatproof mats to put on your table. There are simple little cork ones that you can put a pan or pot on as you take it off the stove. Do the same thing for any hot trays fresh out of the oven. 

Of course, you should also have placemats for plates and cups to go on. A plate full of hot food shouldn’t do much damage to a wooden table, but you can’t take the risk. A placemat just gives that extra layer of protection – plus, it makes the dining table look a lot nicer too. 

As a side note, placemats also offer protection from sharp objects. If you have cutlery on placemats, it reduces the chances that sharp knives or forks might scratch the table through the tablecloth. 

Place your table away from heat/direct sunlight

Admittedly, this is a tip you need to know before purchasing your dining table. Still, if you already have one, you may need to consider moving it to a better place within your kitchen or dining area. 

Positioning your table away from heat sources and direct sunlight is essential for its longevity. You see, heat will do things to the wood, causing it to split internally. This can lead to cracks forming that damage the structural integrity of the table. Wooden dining tables placed right next to radiators are prone to splitting and deteriorating very quickly. The same can be said of ones that get hit with direct sunlight for hours a day. 

In fact, the sun holds a double threat as the UV rays can cause fading of the wood, warping its natural colour. So, try to position the table away from direct sunlight and any heat sources in your kitchen/dining area. 

Be careful when cleaning your table

Lastly, you will have to clean your table regularly, as you would with any other item of furniture. Ensure you use a soft cloth to wipe away any dust and only use sprays or treatments that are suitable for wood. 

Avoid harsh chemicals and general surface sprays as these can damage the wood. If you need extra help, contact the manufacturer and ask for their suggestions on what you should or shouldn’t use on the table. 

Just like that, you can protect your beautiful dining table and keep the wood in excellent condition. Wooden dining tables are far better than glass or metal ones because they look stunning and can last for ages. Hopefully, these simple steps will keep yours in the best condition for as long as possible. 

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