3 Essential Home Installations When You Have A Child

Welcoming a new baby into your home is a magical moment that you’ll relish at the time and cherish forever. Nothing makes a house feel like a home quite as much as a baby does. You feel like a proper family, and you can’t wait to start your life together. 

Before you do this, you will need to make some key changes to your home. Basically, you’re baby-proofing it! Most parents will already get things like cribs, baby gates, and so on. But, have you got these three essential home installations as well? 

3 essential home installations when you have a child

Carpeted Flooring

In any other scenario, your flooring choice is entirely dependent on tastes. With a baby coming, things are about to change. You need a flooring option that’s safe for your baby and doesn’t hurt when they crawl or start trying to walk. As such, professional carpet installation makes a lot of logical sense. 

Carpeted floors are softer underfoot, so they’re more comfortable for crawling babies. They also add a layer of protection if your baby topples over when trying to walk. It may feel like a slight compromise, but you need to have carpets in the rooms your baby is likely to be in. This means their bedroom, play area, living room, etc. For bathrooms and kitchens, you can keep your old flooring! 

Door Handle Protectors

When you think about babyproofing doors, your mind instantly goes to safety locks. These are great as they do stop babies and toddlers from opening doors and gaining access to dangerous things. 

However, you also need to install door handle protectors. You can find them online or make them yourself. The idea is that they slip over your door handles and provide a softer layer of padding. It’s most important to install them on kitchen or bathroom cabinets with handles that jut out. Why? Because babies can crawl or wander around these rooms and knock their heads against the handles. A protective cover won’t prevent this, but it does stop them from getting hurt. 

Baby Fences

A baby fence is like a baby gate, only way more versatile. Here, you have multiple panels that join together and help you cut off areas within a room. It’s perfect if your child is playing in an area of the living room, but you want to keep them there. Or, you can install a baby fence across the kitchen, so they don’t get too close to the stove. 

With this product, you have easy ways to restrict a child’s access to different parts of the house while also having the ability to create playpens anywhere. It’s incredibly useful, particularly if you’re busy and can’t give your child your full attention for a few minutes. With a fence, you know they’re kept in a safe area free from any dangers. 

Think about adding these things to your shopping list if you haven’t already bought them. It’s best to get this done before your baby arrives, so everything is in place ready for them.

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