Etsy Business Tips: Increasing Your Gains in Online Business

No matter what stage your Etsy business is in, there are strategies you can use to increase your gains. The following is for those whose sales are not as reliable as they would like them to be and who want to scale up. The main goal is to generate more traffic which can drive more conversions.

etsy business tips: increasing your gains in online business
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Don’t underestimate the importance of Etsy SEO

The most important way to drive traffic to your shop is to use Etsy SEO to your advantage. There are over 96 million active shoppers on Etsy looking for products like yours. You can use its search engine to drive more of them to your shop. If you want to know how to boost Etsy sales, the best way is to have as many eyeballs on your products as possible.

When a customer enters a search query on Etsy, the search engine looks at your titles, listing descriptions, categories and attributes to find matching keywords. If you use all 13 tags, add all relevant attribute options and categorize your products, you can increase the chances of your listing matching with a query. Etsy has a seller handbook where you can find out more about how to use keywords.

Make sure your descriptions and photos accurately portray your products

As customers can’t physically see or touch products, they rely on your product descriptions and photos. These should give them a good idea of what they will receive in terms of size, texture, color etc. If they receive a product that’s much smaller or a different color than what they expect, it can lead to dissatisfaction.

Give customers clarity on your policies

If customers know exactly what to expect, it can reduce barriers to making purchases. You can set up policies for various things, such as shipping costs and returns. If an item isn’t eligible for return, making this known upfront will help to avoid any confusion. An up-to-date shop announcement can alert shoppers to upcoming sales.

You can also set up an FAQ section to give customers answers to all the questions they ask on a regular basis. Look at the FAQ sections on other seller pages selling similar products so you have more understanding of what people want to know before buying.

Update your shop regularly

The Etsy search results prioritize listings from shops that are active. This means you should update your shop with new products or renew your prior listings on a regular basis. If you want to know what new products to create, you can take a good look at which products do best in your shop and focus on creating more of the same kind. You can also ask your followers on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook for feedback and ask them what products they would like to see in your shop.

Offer free shipping

Many customers expect free shipping when they make purchases over a certain amount. Shipping fees are often one of the main reasons customers give for abandoning a shopping cart. Etsy’s algorithm prioritizes shops that offer free shipping. You can afford to offer free shipping if you include average shipping costs in your product prices. Etsy has a free shipping guarantee for U.S. buyers who buy any individual item worth $35 and up and any order that totals $35 or more from your shop.

Get product reviews

Product reviews can have an impact on your conversion rate because the algorithm will recommend products with good reviews to shoppers more frequently. They will appear higher in search results. Buyers always read reviews before buying a product today and will put more weight on them than on what you say about your products. Encourage your customers to leave reviews by dropping them a friendly email and offering a coupon code or a discount.


There are many ways to increase your gains in an online business like an Etsy shop. One of the most important ways is to use SEO strategies to make sure you get plenty of traffic to your shop. Once you have traffic to your shop, you need to make sure that customers know what to expect, receive good service and will leave good reviews when they buy your products.

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