Farm Fresh Food with the All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Best Buy. All opinions are my own. 

How many times a month do you have to toss something from the fridge because it’s less than fresh? This just happened to me; I went to grab my collard greens from the crisper and they were wilted and gross. Even worse than that, wasting food gives me a  just punched in the gut feeling.

I hate it.

But what’s a girl to do? It’s not like there’s a fridge out there specifically designed to keep food farm fresh.

What’s that? There is?! Wow!

all-new bosch counter-depth refrigerators

The All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators at Best Buy are designed with freshness and saving in mind. On the outside, the stainless-steel finish aligns perfectly with any kitchen design. It’s the perfect way to modernize outdated kitchens or put a fresh spin on already stylish ones.

Inside the Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators, you’ll find touch sensitive controls that make operation effortless. The bright LED lights inside make it easy to see everything without straining. Even the Bosch UltraClarityPro™ water dispenser (with replacement filter) is inside, delivering filtered water with just one touch.

There are 5 tempered glass shelves inside the 21 cu. ft. capacity fridge. 4 of the shelves are adjustable and half-width.  The refrigerator is made even more spacious with flexible storage features like FlexBar™ (creates extra space), removable shelves, and 3 wide gallon door bins on each door.

all-new bosch counter-depth refrigerators

More Features of the All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators

The full width chiller drawer lets you keep oversized platters cool until you’re ready to serve them. You could also store snacks in there for quick access and easy visibility.  This is perfect for entertaining. Imagine having a meat and cheese tray already made up and chilled when guests arrive!

The freezer is equipped with an ingenious three-tier layered freezer drawer system that creates extra storage for frozen items, from pizza boxes to frozen waffles. That means no more cramming things where they fit; finally an organized freezer! I don’t even know how to imagine that! My freezer is always in a state of disarray.

There is even a door alarm that alerts you when the refrigerator door has been left open. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve done this. Usually I don’t catch my mistake until the next day when the ice cream has melted and the frozen stuff has thawed. I love this energy saving feature, how about you?!

Perhaps my favorite feature yet, the revolutionary FarmFresh System™ combines four innovative technologies to keep food fresh up to 3 times longer, for less food wasted.* (As compared to a Bosch refrigerator without FarmFresh System™. Results may vary among different foods.)
VitaFreshPro™ offers preset settings that automatically balance BOTH temperature and humidity while FreshProtect™ absorbs naturally occurring ethylene to slow ripening, so produce stays fresher, longer.
MultiAirFlow™ technology evenly circulates cool, fresh air to maintain steady temperatures throughout the entire fridge cavity, from the door bins to back corners.
The AirFresh® Filter absorbs even the toughest food odors, keeping your refrigerator and freezer air fresh (no more smells sneaking into the freezer from the fridge!)
With the Home Connect™ app, you can remotely monitor and control your Bosch refrigerator from your smartphone or tablet. The app gives you control over the temperature, the ability to control lighting, you can even run diagnostics from wherever you are.**

all-new bosch counter-depth refrigerators

**Connectivity and speed varies based on network and Wi-Fi levels.

If you’re ready for a revolutionary kitchen experience then head to Best Buy and ask them about the All-New Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators. They’re the answer to questions you didn’t even know you had!
Just imagine the difference in food quality and grocery budgets. No more throwing out food that should be fine. No more struggling to find stuff in a crammed, unorganized refrigerator. I’m already out the door on my way to Best Buy, what are you waiting for?!

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